Yes, this Meatball Taco Ring is super easy to make and a nice change for any age to enjoy.

First you make taco-flavored meatballs and bake them.

Then comes the fun (and easy) part: Unwrap two tubes of crescent dinner rolls and place them in a circular pattern with the points facing outward on a pizza pan. The raw dough can easily be reshaped if the points get stretched or broken off as you unroll the dough.

Place a cooked meatball in the center of each piece and fold the pointed end of the dough over the meatball.

After the ring is baked, you fill the center with toppings like lettuce, tomato, jalapeño slices, olives and cheese. Serve salsa and sour cream on the side. Let each person serve himself.

If you want to transfer the cooked ring to a serving platter or big cutting board, carefully slide it off the pizza pan.