I recently came across an article titled the “Toast of Summer” in the July issue of Bon Appétit.

I’ve been grilling everything this summer, but the idea of charring garlic-dressed French bread and dressing it with buttery avocado, red pepper flakes, coarse salt and just the right touch of olive oil really caught my eye.

Summertime Avocado Toast may not be a new or exciting dish to many readers of the magazine, but as someone who has only appropriated avocados for dips and guacamoles this season, the lovely appetizer really inspired the way I thought about this fruit’s versatility.

Here’s what makes this simple and easy dish such a gem: When prepared correctly using quality ingredients, the toast tastes like summer.

Ripe avocados dressed with a hint of spice and salt make toasted French bread the perfect open-faced sandwich for a summer barbecue or outdoor lunch.

Eat this toast alongside a frosty glass of beer or chilled wine and serve as an impressive appetizer when avocados are seasonal or simply on hand.

For a smart, protein-rich breakfast, add scrambled eggs or crispy pan-fried pancetta to this unique open-face sandwich.

Helana Brigman is a food writer, photographer and author of the forthcoming cookbook, “The Fresh Table: Cooking in Louisiana All Year Round.” She can be reached with daily recipes at http://clearlydeliciousfoodblog.com or via email at hbrigm1@tigers.lsu.edu.