Harvest Scarecrow Cookies

Makes 3 dozen. Recipe is from McCormick.

1 (17.5-oz.) pkg. sugar cookie mix

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 (16-oz.) container vanilla frosting

54 sugar wafer cookies

Shredded Wheat cereal, broken up

Assorted decorations, such as candy-coated pieces and licorice

1. Prepare cookie mix as directed on the package, adding vanilla. Cut out rounds with 21/2-inch round cookie cutter.

2. Bake and cool cookies as directed on package.

3. Frost cookies with vanilla frosting. For the scarecrow’s hat, break a sugar wafer cookie in half. Press it into the top of the frosted cookie. Place a whole wafer cookie below the half, then press Shredded Wheat around the sides of the face for straw hair. Use candy-coated pieces and string licorice to decorate the face.