Wrapped or unwrapped ... if you like a baked potato with a moist skin, wrap it in foil and bake it. If you prefer a crisp skin and fluffy inside, poke holes in the potato and bake it without wrapping.

Either way, I scrub the potatoes well with a vegetable brush, carefully cleaning indentions or eyes of the potato. By paying attention to the potato skin, most people will eat the skin. Rub the outside with olive oil then season with Kosher or sea salt. If you like a hint of hotness, add a sprinkle of your favorite Cajun seasoning.

Most people like a baked potato with a seasoned shell. Top your potato with just a little butter or get as creative as you wish with toppings and actually make the potato a meal. Besides cheese, think of sautéed or grilled vegetables as a topping, or black beans and purple onions.

If you’re microwaving or baking potatoes, remember to first prick holes in the potato with a fork so the steam can escape.