When it comes to waffles, Zibitz thinks outside the box. You might say it goes to the extreme.

Situated in a kiosk next to Smoothie King along the rim of Mall of Louisiana’s food court, Zibitz Extreme Waffles! is a good place to take a load off, munch on something different and tasty, and people watch.

Once you order, check out your waffle being made or grab a table — a staff member will bring your order, an unexpected perk for a mall meal.

On our first visit, for a Saturday lunch, we tried the loaded waffletato ($3.95, half), the mac n cheeze waffle ($4.95, half) and the waffletta ($4.77, half).

The loaded waffletato topped a savory waffle with all the things we love about a loaded potato — sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon, and of course, fluffy potato. This was our favorite of the day, and the half size was quite filling at lunchtime.

The mac n cheeze was another savory waffle, with the macaroni actually baked into the waffle, and covered in warm cheddar cheese. We added a side of shredded roast beef ($3.50) to this one. The meat, though tender, was rather bland.

We found out not all sandwiches work as waffles with the waffletta. Although the interior contained the ingredients of the New Orleans classic muffuletta — marinated olive salad, salty meats and smoky cheeses ­— the waffle “bread” was just no substitute for the original’s crunchy, sesame-seeded loaf.

We returned for a Friday lunch, and my sweet tooth took over, as I opted for the strawberry wafflecake ($4.95). The quarters of the large, warm and soft waffle were covered with strawberries and sauce, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, all topped off with dollops of fresh whipped cream.

Each bite was a delight.

A guest tried Zibitz’s Facebook page recommendation, the Cochon ($7.95). This was an interesting take on a pulled pork sandwich, consisting of pork, melted Cheddar cheese and Sriracha barbecue sauce between two sweet, cake-like waffles stuffed with bits of bacon. The sweet waffles complemented the sweetness of the pork and the barbecue sauce, and their fluffiness absorbed the flavors, making the sandwich even more satisfying.

This selection piles a lot of food into one package, and some diners will be able to eat one half and make another meal out of the second.

Our service was efficient on both trips but friendlier on the second.