What a Crock!: Stuff St. Patrick’s Day leftovers in potatoes _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Use that St. Patrick's Day corned beef to make Rueben Stuffed Potato.

I’m a big fan of stuffed potatoes. Well, to be absolutely truthful, I’m a big fan of potatoes, period.

St. Patrick’s Day reminds me of our visit to Ireland last year where we consumed multiple recipes involving potatoes. Potatoes there were often simple in how they were served. They were all fresh from local farms and garnished with fresh herbs from the restaurant gardens.

Here, we often see potatoes stuffed with different varieties of cheese, pot roast or seafood, just to name a few. It’s also a good way to utilize leftovers and have a quick, easy meal at the same time.

That brings us to all that leftover corned beef you may have from your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Or, perhaps, Reuben Stuffed Potato will be your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Either way, it’s just plain good.

Be sure and purchase large baking potatoes if you will be using them to stuff.

Take note that this recipe will not need to cook longer than 4 hours since the corned beef will already be cooked and the other ingredients just need time to merge flavors.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at juliekay6122@gmail.com.