I love salads. I make a salad almost every day for my lunch, but salads always taste better when someone else makes them for you.

Needless to say, I was excited to visit Freshjunkie salads + wraps at the Main Street Market.

I was told the Thai salad was the best and enjoyed that choice. The just-right spicy peanut dressing would make most anything taste good. The crunchy peanuts tossed in with the mixed greens were great complementary textures.

The salads are served in cute brown Chinese restaurant take-out style containers, which made the salads easy to mix and eat. The Thai salad also had carrot sticks, red bell peppers, chopped cucumbers and cilantro. Since the restaurant was out of snow peas that day, they substituted edamame, which was fine.

I wished there would have been more of the crunchy vegetables mixed in with the greens, but this was a very good, filling salad. The fresh greens had none of that preservative taste the fast-food places usually provide.

Our wait in line at the Main Street Market wasn’t long. The fellow mixing our salads and quickly preparing our wraps was pleasant and seemed to know many of the customers forming the queue.

One of my friends chose the Marathon wrap with chicken ($8.75) and added extra avocado for a dollar. The wrap was a mix of spinach, cucumber, almonds, avocado, edamame, carrots, and roasted beet with a honey lime vinaigrette.

A runner, she liked the healthy wrap and found it filling, but felt that the chicken was chopped into such small pieces and got lost in the mix, and she couldn’t taste the beets.

She conceded that Freshjunkie provides a healthy alternative to many offerings downtown but felt it wasn’t particularly low-calorie, especially if you add some of the extra toppings like the cheeses, nuts and dried fruit.

She has tried the Thai and Crouching Cashew, Hidden Sriracha (editor’s note: great name) salads before and “enjoyed the spicier offerings better because they had more interesting flavor profiles.” She added that the workers were always nice and the food fresh every time she visited.

Another friend thought his BLT wrap with chicken ($8.75) would be a little more tangy from the peppercorn ranch dressing than it was, but the flavor was good overall. He felt the wrap didn’t provide that strong smoky bacon and tomato flavor combo he expected from a BLT, but that the chicken did make the wrap tastier.

He liked the crunchiness the croutons provided and about halfway through decided it would taste better as a standard salad because he felt “the wrap masked some of the inside flavor.” The wrap also included romaine, jack cheese and carrot sticks.

He thinks his favorite two salads there, the Mediterranean and the Thai, are more flavorful and bold enough to stand up to the wrap. I also noticed that unless you held the wrap in a death grip, it fell apart at the end. But both my friends said they prefer the wraps because they find them more filling.

The Main Street Market is a fun venue and has several vendors flanked by seating areas on both ends. And lagniappe: For those of us who aren’t within walking distance, there’s free parking right next door in the Galvez parking lot.

My friend likes that he can leave Freshjunkie feeling full and satisfied and a little better about himself for eating healthy. And for an extra chance at that healthy feeling, the Town Square location now serves breakfast.