Few things are as tailor-made for slow cooking as good old-fashioned ribs, and it doesn’t matter if they are pork or beef. Both are mouth-watering tender when done.

By now, those of school age are back in school; summer vacations are over and practices for sporting events or lessons have cranked back up.

Some days you just need a break from cooking, whether that means going out to dinner or preparing something that requires absolutely no effort - like these ribs!

This recipe has just three ingredients. It’s so simple it’s a bit like cheating, but it rocks for a quick family special (in a slow-cooking kind of way).

In this case, the onions are as much a part of the dish as the meat is. Both soak up the sweetness of the molasses.

When ribs are done, put them in a broiler pan and pour remaining molasses over them. Broil for 5 to 7 minutes and watch the glaze deepen to a rich color, hardening the sauce and making picture-perfect ribs.

While pork ribs were tested on this occasion, beef ribs will work just as well.