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Smith Creamery takes center stage at the Red Stick Farmers Market this weekend.

Warren and Sandra Smith will be on hand to visit with friends and shoppers who have supported them throughout the summer since their dairy was destroyed in an explosion in June.

Shoppers are invited to stop by the hospitality booth for cake and cookies as well as Smith Creamery Chocolate Milk, which is being produced along with other Smith Dairy products by Kleinpeter Dairy.

In the weekly “Fresh from the Market” cooking demonstration, Gaye Sandoz, of Edible Enterprises, will join host chef Celeste Gill. They will prepare healthy, back-to-school snacks.

The cooking demonstration will begin at 10 a.m. in the North Street seating area of Main Street Market.

Area farmers and artisan food producers scheduled to be at Saturday’s Red Stick Farmers’ Market include:

Amato’s Winery - Native Louisiana wines.

Belle Ecorce Farm - Goat cheeses, fruit spreads and herb-flavored cheese disks.

Bocage Honey - Honey.

Briarhill Farm - Chickens, quail, Cornish hens, Bloody Mary mix, tomato relish and pickles.

Cajun Grain - Jasmine brown and white rice, free-range pork and beef.

Chenier Family Farm - Okra, cucumbers, purple hull peas, squash and melons.

Delight Thyself - Homemade sweet pies and tarts, savory meat and crawfish pies.

Dillard Teacakes - Teacakes and sweet potato pies.

Fekete Farm - Sweet corn, zucchini, bell peppers, mustard greens and squash.

Feliciana’s Best - Locally produced milk, chocolate milk, butter and cream.

Feliciana Greenhouses by Jimmy Hadden - Lettuces, alfalfa sprouts and salad dressings.

Forte Grove Breads - Artisan breads.

Francis Chauvin - Fruit pies, sugar-free tarts and pastries.

Glaser Produce Farm - Mustard greens, okra, garlic, onions, zucchini and squash.

Greenhand Nursery - Vegetable seedlings, tomato plants and herbs.

Iverstine Family Farm - Farm-fresh eggs.

Le Potager - Cheese and garlic biscuits, breads, dark chocolate cake and cookies.

Louisiana Shrimp - Wild-caught shrimp and fish from Evin and Gage Shrimp Co.

Mississippi Natural Products - Fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms, and mushroom grow kits.

Mizell Farm - Herb plants.

Morrow Family Farm - Multicolored corn, watermelon and purple hull peas.

Nur’s Kitchen - Cabbage stew, eggplant-stuffed moussaka, artichoke pie and feta dip.

Oakland Organic - Basil, cucumbers, eggplant, hot peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Outlaw Katfish Kompany - Wild-caught catfish from Des Allemands.

Papa John’s Family Farm - Lettuce, bell peppers, jams and jellies.

Plantation Pecan - Okra, pears, cantaloupes, plums, peaches and squash.

Rico Family Farm - Hot and sweet banana peppers, squash, cucumbers, okra and Ichiban eggplant.

Rocking R Dairy Farm - Grade A pasteurized goat milk, feta cheese and goat cheese.

SaySaye’s Village Bakery - Tortes, cinnamon rolls, various breads, calzones and soups.

Uncle Bill’s Creole Filé - Locally produced gumbo filé.

Yard Bird Farm - Pasture-raised poultry in cuts, whole hens, chicken sausage and eggs.

The Food section listing is limited to food-related participants and is not a complete listing of each vendor’s selections. Many of the markets also have artists and crafts vendors.