It's simple: See strawberries. Buy strawberries.

I know those sweet juicy berries aren't going to be around for long, so I snap them up every chance I get.

Last weekend's lovely spring weather demanded a trip to the farmers market where I scooped up some beautiful berries. 

Most of the weekend was spent cleaning out the sad, dead plants that didn’t make it through the winter. Then I refreshed all the pots with some colorful blooms. All that work had me hankering for something with a little chill and a little sweet.

That's when some of the berries found their destiny — refreshingly cool drinks. 

I blended some whole berries with milk and soda to make an old-fashioned strawberry fizz. Sitting on the porch swing, I sipped my fizz and admired my pots of color. The bubbly foam and lightly sweet berries invigorated my tired bones from dragging around bags of potting soil.

Sunday afternoon, one of my oldest and dearest friends visited, and the rest of the berries found their purpose. We made fresh strawberry juleps and enjoyed them on the back patio. We like our cocktails a little sweet, so we added some Louisiana-made strawberry soda. Those extra bubbles were especially nice after our decadent cheeseburger lunch.

These simple little berries, some fresh air and a good visit with a great friend sure made this weekend a sweet one.

Teresa B. Day is a local food writer and author of the “I Eat BR” blog. You can reach her at