What can you tell me about the Patient Bill of Rights?

While there is no one “Bill of Rights” for patients, you can find many different variations that have evolved since their inception in the 1970s. The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 has made some changes to the generally accepted Patient Bill of Rights. All patients have the following rights:

The right to coverage despite pre-existing conditions

The right to choose a doctor of their choice

The right to fair treatment of emergency care

The right to a policy that can’t be canceled unfairly

The right to no annual and lifetime limits

The right to access to preventive services

The right to appeal health plan decisions

The right to health coverage as a young adult

The American Hospital Association also has a separate Bill of Rights for patients being treated in a hospital which is as follows:

High quality hospital care.

A clean and safe environment.

Involvement in your care.

Protection of your privacy.

Help when leaving the hospital.

Help with your billing claims.

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