Pennington Biomedical Research Center made headlines a few days ago for a study that finds “People Who Sit For At Least 5 Hours Each Day Are Comfier.”

And, while those of us kicked back in our La-Z-Boys know it’s true, the story, alas, was not.

The headline came from the satirical news website The Onion.

With a dateline of Baton Rouge, the humor publication’s article detailed a nonexistent study by Pennington researchers that found people who sit for at least five hours a day are “more likely to be comfy” than those who do not.

The (fake) Dr. Stan McGuinness said in the article, “They enjoy a greater number of comfy sensations in their lower torso and leg regions, whereas people who stand for extended periods often develop symptoms such as achy muscles and uncomfy feet.”

Real Pennington researchers have published well-regarded papers documenting links between a sedentary lifestyle and health complications.

“Our research is making a difference and The Onion took notice,” says Alisha Prather, the real director of communications for the actual Pennington Biomedical Research Center. “Even their fictional study is a subtle and healthy reminder to get moving and stay active!”

Pennington researchers tend to focus on obesity-related issues, not comfort.

Of course, no one would disagree with the fake Dr. McGuinness’ assertion that “those lying down tend to be far cozier and, in many cases, snugglier.”