Are certain foods related to cancer in a certain way?

While there might be news stories on a regular basis claiming that individual food items can cause or prevent cancer, there is not significant research on the topic.

One study took 50 common food items and looked at the results of cancer studies from the previous 35 years to see if any overall patterns could be found. They discovered that most results were based on weak evidence and that half of the results suggested an increased risk of cancer and a decreased risk of cancer for the same food items.

Researchers urge not to get caught up in the hype that eating a certain food or avoiding another might prevent cancer.

However, despite urging caution when it comes to individual food items, most organizations agree that a healthy diet can help lower your cancer risk.

A healthy diet includes foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals while limiting foods with high fat content, such as fried foods.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as diets high in these foods, as well as other whole foods such as beans and whole grains, might lower cancer risk. Eating a healthy diet also helps fight obesity and being overweight is a known cancer risk.

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