There are 27 pitas on the menu weighing in with less than 450 calories. Extreme Pita’s menu is a collaboration of many different pita sandwiches, each freshly-made and grilled to your specifications right before your eyes. Some of the pita options include Falafel, Philly Steak, Grilled Chicken and Gyro.

The pitas are made with the healthiest ingredients, including an array of vegetable toppings, cheeses and various gourmet spreads and sauces, along with the healthy and great-tasting pita bread. For example, a small grilled chicken pita dressed with tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, lettuce, red onions, green peppers and Tzatziki sauce has only 250 calories, while the regular size has 359 calories.

All of the fresh vegetable toppings are also used to prepare gourmet flat-baked pita pizzas, fresh salads and catering trays.

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