Lunch-time lift. Instead of munching on that energy-draining middle-of-the-day meal, go for a workout. Can’t get to a gym? Take a walk around the office grounds. As an added benefit, getting your blood pumping will probably result in a more productive afternoon.


Get up early. For lots of people, an early morning workout improves their whole day. Waking up as little as 30 minutes earlier can work wonders.


Forget happy hour. We like our margaritas as much as the next person, and no one says you have to kiss your cocktails goodbye forever, but working out after work is a healthier way to relieve stress than having a few drinks. And losing those empty alcohol calories can help trim your waistline.


Make your office the workout. If your office has stairs, take them. But don’t feel you have to climb to the fifth floor on the first day. Ease in by tackling just one floor, or only taking the stairs on the way down. Walk to talk to a colleague, and do it with purpose, moving quickly and swinging your arms.


Transform your commute. Can you ride your bike to work? If that’s not an option, avoid working during your commute so you aren’t stressed out when you get home, and might be more likely to jump on the treadmill or take a walk around the block rather than immediately falling into couch-potato position.