Derrick and Tessa Holloway started with the idea of adding an outdoor bathroom by their pool so their two little boys wouldn’t have to come into the house in their wet bathing suits.

By the time they finished, they had a large pool house with both indoor and outdoor kitchens, a brick fireplace, a pantry and the desired bathroom.

“Our idea was to keep the kids from running in and out of the house, but then we decided we wanted heat and air, and then we said we needed a kitchen,” Derrick Holloway said with a smile. “The original plan was to add 250 square feet. We just went crazy and built another house.”

The Holloways, who own and operate early childcare centers and a consulting firm to assist other owners in childcare or investing in childcare, had plenty of family help with their home and the pool house.

“Our whole family is in construction,” Tessa Holloway said. “We are blessed that we have a family that does everything.”

Her father, Wayne Collins, owns P.W. Collins Construction Co. Numerous uncles and cousins are builders.

The pool house is a perfect complement to the Holloways’ columned traditional-style house, which they built about 11 years ago on two-and-a-half acres. Its open floor plan includes a foyer, dining room, living room and kitchen area in one large space. The areas are delineated by interior columns and by changes in the flooring from marble in the foyer area to stained hardwood in the living and dining areas.

In the kitchen, which opens to the living area, modern appliances mesh seamlessly with the wood cabinets and stained cypress ceiling, with its exposed beam.

A hall with soft lighting and a barrel ceiling of Venetian plaster leads to the bedroom area.

With assistance from her mother, Mary Collins, Tessa Holloway selected deep, soothing colors for the public areas of the home.

“We wanted colors that were kid resistant, colors we could wipe off,” Tessa Holloway said with a smile. “That still didn’t help.”

Windows across the back of the home provide a lovely view of the pool and patio area, which is enclosed by a brick wall. To the right of the pool are Japanese-style garden beds. A pergola with a seating area and the pool house are to the left with the outdoor kitchen in between.

The pool house is completely outfitted for entertaining and for family dining and relaxation.

A large center marble-topped island contains a built-in bar with a wine cooler, a keg tap for beer and seating on one side. The room also has a dining table and chairs and a large brick fireplace surrounded by a cozy seating area.

The walls are a combination of exposed brick and painted areas in turquoise and gold, and the ceiling features large, exposed beams.

“We wanted our house to be the party house,” Tessa Holloway said. “But when we have a function now, we are rarely in the house. Everyone is in the pool house.”

The wide porch of the pool house is one of the favorite gathering places because of its access to both the pool and the pool house. Derrick Holloway chose its pine ceiling believed to be salvaged from an old building on the LSU campus.

He’s very happy with the house now, even though he originally wanted a less traditional Florida-style house. However, his contractor father-in-law offered his advice.

“He said, ‘You are in southern Louisiana, and you are going to build a traditional Louisiana home,’” Tessa Holloway said with a smile.