Jim and Louise Frugé’s home is designed around two New Orleans-style courtyards that turn the outside area into a major part of their living space.

The Frugés are outdoor people who use the courtyards to relax, dine and entertain almost year-round.

“I love being outside,” Louise Frugé said. “I want to be able to utilize the yard.”

The main entrance to the home is through an iron gate that opens to the front courtyard with lush plantings and comfortable seating. The back courtyard, a little less formal, features a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, where Jim Frugé, a local orthodontist, enjoys grilling, barbecuing and all kinds of cooking.

“Jim’s a Cajun from Ville Platte,” Louise Frugé said. “He loves to cook, so we put in a huge burner for him to boil crawfish or do a gumbo.”

The home itself is a blend of old and new.

It has a more contemporary modified open plan, but with separate areas for the dining room, living room and den. Everything flows together from the living room.

Even though the home has all of the modern conveniences, it was built and renovated with old materials — slate, brick and wide pine flooring.

“Some people say that it looks like it has been here forever,” Louise Frugé said of their home in Stones Throw.

For years, while their three children were growing up, the Frugés lived in a large house they built in the Country Club of Louisiana. After their children were grown, they decided to move closer to downtown and to Jim Frugé’s medical office. “I had always liked Stones Throw,” said Louise Frugé. “Maybe it was the boulevard or the oak trees or just being in the center of town, but I always liked it.”

In 2009, a friend told them that a house in Stones Throw might possibly be for sale. “We bought it on a handshake,” she said.

The Frugés completely redid the kitchen with new countertops and cabinets to the ceiling. They removed the original breakfast nook and created a sitting area that overlooks the front courtyard. They took up carpeting in the bedroom wing and replaced it with wide pine planks like the flooring in the living room and dining room areas. And they removed an old vine-covered arbor and built their outdoor kitchen.

Even though the home is smaller than their CCL home, their furniture worked perfectly in the space.

“We changed the colors to greens and copper upholstery, and we used the hard furniture that we had,” Louise Frugé said. “It looks totally different in this house. “We had to work with what we had, and it works.”

New Orleans interior designer Frances Treadway assisted Frugé with the transition and helped her adapt her furniture to the new setting.

The master bedroom is about half the size of the master bedroom in their house in CCL, so a large floral pattern was used for the draperies and bedding.

“It brings the outside in,” Louise Frugé said.

Green marble in the connecting master bath continues the “outside” influence.

As much as they love their house, the Frugés are delighted with the friends they have made on their street.

“There are about 10 dogs,” Louise Frugé said. “They all play together. All of the neighbors visit. People come in and out all of the time.”