Help children appreciate how food gets to their table at home by helping them grow plants that become food.

Make a short row of peanuts in an established bed or plant in containers. Your seed stock can be found at the grocery store. You want raw (not roasted) peanuts in the shell.

Plant some peanuts shelled with just the red skin on them. Plant some in the shell. Mark the different plantings. If getting a good crop of peanuts is important, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill says plant shelled peanuts.

Plant three or four seeds per foot of row or the same number of seeds in a gallon container (if you’re planting as a project). Peanuts are legumes that make underground in 110 to 120 days. Pull the whole plant when you harvest.

BUTTERFLY GARDENS: They are good home or school projects. Success is in the planning.

Retired LSU entomologist Wayne Kramer is teaching a one-session course on attracting butterflies to the garden from 9 a.m. to noon July 9 at the LSU AgCenter’s LaHouse, 2858 Gourrier Drive, across the street from Alex Box Baseball Stadium.

Kramer will talk about butterflies common to this part of the state, host plants and the biology of butterflies. Cost of the class is $30; LSU students and LSU Leisure members, $25. Materials are $10. Call (225) 578-5119 to register.