Get an up-close look at those miraculous little creatures called hummingbirds on Saturday, Sept. 13, in West Feliciana Parish.

The Feliciana Nature Society and the National Wildbird Refuge is holding its annual Hummingbird Celebration, where you can see these tiny birds who dart about and fly backwards, beating their wings 50 times per second.

Master hummingbird banders set special traps to catch and band the birds while visitors look on. Many will get to hold the little birds in their hand and release them back to the wild. The whole process takes only a few minutes for each bird.

Banding will be conducted from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at two sites: 15736 Tunica Trace on La. 66, where biologist Linda Beall will be banding, and on the grounds at the home Murrell Butler, 9485 Oak Hill Road, Bains, where Nancy Newfield will be banding birds.

At the sites there will be tents with vendors and exhibits with everything from hummingbird-loving plants to feeders and binoculars. Admission is free.