Irish culture will be in the spotlight for four days as the Baton Rouge Irish Club hosts its seventh annual Irish Film Festival.

The festival runs Friday and Saturday at the Manship Theatre, Sunday at Celtic Studios, and Monday night at Phil Brady’s Bar and Grill.

The popular Wee Irish Film Night, opens the festivities on Friday night with screenings of nine short films: “Cead Ghra’”; “Cutting Grass”; “Deadly”; “Land Is God”; “Under Open Skies”; “Rockmount”; “Tea With the Dead”; “The Weather Report” and “Rince.”

Irish music will be by the Celtic band Wild Irish Roots, featuring Kate Laborde, Brian Breen, Frank Bladen and Pete Dawson.

Light refreshments with a cash bar will be available during the intermission. Audience members will be asked to vote on their favorite shorts at the conclusion of the night and an award will be presented to the director for Best Short Irish Film. Admission is $8.50, plus fees.

A late-night horror feature, “The Hallow,” will be shown at 10:30 p.m.

This is a separate ticketed film, not a part of Short Night. Tickets are also $8.50.

Feature films on Saturday begin with “A Love Divided,” the first offering of the Irish Classic Series, which will be a part of the film festival each year. Other films are “The Legend of Longwood,” “’71,” “One Millions Dubliners” (a full-length documentary) and “Poison Pen.” “One Millions Dubliners” will be followed by a question-and-answer session with the film’s director, Aoife Kelleher, and line producer, Lindsay Campbell.

Popular Irish entertainer Danny O’Flaherty will perform on Saturday as well.

Also, during the intermissions on Saturday, catering by Abigail’s plus a cash bar will be offered and Wild Irish Roots will play again, in the Harley-Vey space at the theater; and Irish dancers will perform.

Saturday tickets will remain at $8.50 per person, plus fees, for each feature film and $30 for a festival pass per person, plus fees. There is no ticket charge for the Irish Classic Series film.

Hotel Indigo, 200 Convention St., will host an after-party immediately following the showing of the last film on Saturday. There will be more performances at the party by Wild Irish Roots and O’Flaherty. The party is free and open to the public, with a cash bar.

Sunday, Military Day, will offer the feature film “A Terrible Beauty” at

Celtic Studios, 10000 Celtic Drive. The 2 p.m. event is free and open to the public, with light refreshments. Bagpiper Wil Brian will perform during the welcome and flag ceremony. An exhibit featuring “Stories from 1916” will be open during the event.

“The Yank” will be the feature film at Phil Brady’s Pub Night on

Monday. Pub Night is free and open to the public, offering $1 burgers with a cash bar and drink specials. Phil Brady’s is located at 4848 Government St.

As in years past, the films this year have been provided to the Irish Film

Festival through the Irish Film Institute, which has worked with the festival committee to choose a wide variety of films each year.

To purchase tickets, contact the Manship Theatre at (225) 344-0334 or visit their website at For more information about the festival visit or

Festival Schedule


Wee Irish Film Night at Manship Theatre (judged short films)

7 p.m.: Bagpiper; doors open for purchase of tickets

7:30 p.m.: Welcome and acceptance of 2014 award, followed by first block of judged short films

8:25 p.m.: Intermission, music by Wild Irish Roots, light refreshments, cash bar

9 p.m.: Second block of judged short films

10:30 p.m.: Late night horror feature, “The Hallow”


Festival feature films at the Manship Theatre

10 a.m.: Bagpiper; doors open for purchase of tickets

10:15 a.m.: Free screening, Irish Classics Series, “A Love Divided”

Noon: Welcome speech

12:10 p.m.: Feature film, “The Legend of Longwood”

1:55 p.m.: Intermission, bagpiper, dancers, music by Wild Irish Roots, food by Abigail’s Catering

2:35 p.m.: Performance, music and stories with Celtic balladeer Danny O’Flaherty

3:20 p.m.: Winner of 2015 O’Kalem Award announced, screening of winning short film

3:50 p.m.: Intermission, bagpiper, dancers, music by Wild Irish Roots, food by Abigail’s Catering

4:30 p.m.: Feature film, “’71”

6:10 p.m.: Short break

6:20 p.m.: Feature film, “One Million Dubliners,” followed by Q&A

8 p.m.: Intermission, bagpiper, music by Wild Irish Roots, a champagne toast, desserts by Abigail’s Catering

8:30 p.m.: Feature film, “Poison Pen”

10:05 p.m.: End of event, bagpiper to the After-Party

After-party at Hotel Indigo

10:15 p.m.: Music by Danny O’Flaherty and Wild Irish Roots

Free and open to the public, cash bar


Military Day at Celtic Media Centre

2 p.m.: Bagpiper, welcome and flag ceremony

2:30 p.m.: Short film, “The Weather Report” and feature film, “A Terrible Beauty”

Stories from “1916” exhibit will be open before and after the screening; free and open to the public, light refreshments


Pub Night at Phil Brady’s Bar and Grill

7 p.m.: Doors open

8 p.m.: Short film, “Boogaloo and Graham” and feature film, “The Yank.” Free and open to the public; $1, burgers, cash bar with drink specials