Will Packer, Heather Hayslett

Will Packer, right, and Heather Hayslett arrive at the World Premiere of "Girls Trip" at the Regal L.A. Live on Thursday, July 13, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

Willy Sanjuan

Imagine if Louisiana were part of a sovereign nation established by newly freed slaves 150 years ago.

That's the alternate history envisioned in a TV drama series in the works at Amazon Studios, according to the online magazine Deadline Hollywood.

In the series, titled "Black America," New Colonia is made up of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, handed over to former slaves as reparations.


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Modern-day New Colonia has had a tumultuous and sometimes violent relationship with the United States, with which it has established an uneasy truce for the past 20 years.

The series explores New Colonia's rise as a major industrialized nation as its much larger neighbor suffers through a major decline, according to Deadline.

“I was immediately enthralled by the idea," producer Will Packer said. "I couldn’t stop thinking about it and what a provocative and bold piece of content it could be.”

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