William "Buckskin Bill" Black... 01/22/02

In 1956, WAFB-TV children's show host William "Buckskin Bill" Black began closing is program witht he admonition "Remember, Baton Rouge needs a zoo." After the Greater Baton Rouge Zoo opened in 1970, Black asked his young listeners to donate pennies to buy an elephant. The wildly successful campaign raise enough money to buy two elephants- Penny and Penny Two. Black, now retired from children's television, is shown here with a successor to Penny. Ran Mary 21, 1990 State-Times. Photy by Guy Reynolds. Malformed publication history data 112-Book Keyword Communications Labor Recreation

Guy Reynolds

As news of "Buckskin" Bill's death surfaced late Thursday, readers across the Baton Rouge offered touching tributes to one of the area's most beloved figures.

You can read some of the tributes below. Can't see module? Click here.