The Capital City will host filmmakers from Chi-town in a new festival scheduled for this weekend.

Kinfolk Collective, a group of filmmakers from Chicago, will show some of its short films at Manship Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The event also will feature a musical performance from Baton Rouge’s own Adam Dollar$. Tickets are $9.50.

Here’s what’s on tap at the event:

“Third Timothy,” a look at the power dynamics of a ministry seen through the eyes of adolescent holy water salesmen. Directed by Julian Walker.

“Savage vs. the Void,” which is described as “an afro-surreal voyage into the night of Troy Davis’ execution.” Directed by Darren Wallace.

“Precious Blood,” a series of vignettes produced by at-risk youth from Chicago.

“Shades of Shadows,” a commission by the Chicago Film Archives that delves into spiritual mysticism and ritual sacrifice. Directed by Amir George.

“Area 79,” an operatic performance examining the intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality through the prism of hip-hop and cinema. Directed by Huey Amaru.

“Greenlight,” an actor’s conversation with his agent about the lack of diversity in Hollywood South. Directed by Jonathan I. Jackson.

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