Baton Rouge’s Jay Ducote, of and ‘Food Network Star,’ teaches puppets the fine points of drinking alcohol on show _lowres

Photo provided by Free Booze Friday -- Jay Ducote poses with his puppet costars from 'Free Booze Friday

Jay Ducote now has a deal for more than one show.

Video production company tommysTV teamed up with Ducote, of and “Food Network Star,” signed a deal with for their series “Free Booze Friday.”

The show features Ducote as a bartender serving drinks and educating patrons about alcohol. But the patrons are puppets.

I’ll give you a minute to read it again.

Puppets. And they aren’t always happy about what he serves. The show, created by tommysTV founder Tommy Talley and Ducote, was originally a way to use the free alcohol sent by companies seeking attention on It was shot locally at Lock & Key Whiskey Bar and Beausoliel Restaurant and Bar using puppets created by tommysTV assistant director Clay Achee.

“Free Booze Friday” is GeekNation’s first deal with tommysTV and one of the company’s first puppet-based shows.