Lundi Gras no longer a respite between weekend parades and Fat Tuesday _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Rex, King of Carnival, Christian T. Brown, addressed members of the press after his arrival by train at Spanish Plaza for Lundi Gras in New Orleans.

Think it’s too cold to go to Mardi Gras?

Viewers can catch the Carnival action live from New Orleans until 3 p.m. today on WBXH, Channel 39 (cable Channel 16).

Also, coverage of the annual meeting of the courts of Rex and Comus will air 9 p.m.-midnight tonight on LPB2 (cable Channel 122).

The program, produced by WYES in New Orleans, will have hosts Peggy Scott Laborde, Errol Laborde and Stephen Hales covering events taking place earlier this evening at the Sheraton and Marriott hotels in downtown New Orleans.

The broadcast will also include segments on the history of Mardi Gras and the 2015 King and Queen of Carnival and an interview with the Queen of Comus.

For the first time, WYES will also stream the broadcast live at