Photo provided by Game Show Network -- Kourtney Outlaw, far left. must choose among potential dates, third from left, Anthony Ferguson, Kyle Ruhe and Francisco Garcia, on the dating show 'Baggage on the Road. Jerry Springer, second from left, is the host.

GSN’s new series “Baggage On The Road” hits the LSU campus in Wednesday’s episode at 8:30 p.m. (cable Channel 221 in Baton Rouge and Lafayette).

Host Jerry Springer introduces viewers to the show and the campus, before the episode moves inside for the dating game featuring four LSU students. More campus and downtown Baton Rouge sites are featured after each commercial break.

In the episode, Kourtney Outlaw, an LSU senior and communications major, will choose one of three fellow students to be a potential partner based upon their “baggage” or quirky, annoying and sometimes shocking secrets. The “baggage” theme is taken even further as the men vying for dates reveal secrets about themselves by opening up various sizes of baggage to reveal the secrets written within them.

Her partner hopefuls are Anthony Ferguson, psychology major; Kyle Ruhe, business major and basketball player; and Francisco Garcia, chemical engineering major.

Outlaw will eliminate one of her potential dates based solely on what’s in his baggage, and then choose between the two remaining based on the final secrets they reveal. But a secret about Outlaw will also come out before the show’s end.

Springer is also host of “The Jerry Springer Show,” now in its 24th season.