Gonzales native and actress Shanna Forrestall pops up on two new TV series this week — CBS’ “Zoo” on Tuesday and ABC’s “The Astronaut Wives Club” on Thursday.

Both shoots took place in Forrestall’s part-time home, New Orleans. These days, she’s dividing her time between there and Los Angeles.

Debuting June 30, “Zoo” is based on the bestselling novel by James Patterson. A global thriller, it centers on a wave of violent animal attacks against humans.

“I have four scenes in ‘Zoo;’ it’s a whole story arc,” Forrestall said from an overnight trip to Palm Springs. “I play a scientist that’s working in Antarctica, and I’m in a gay marriage, a very unhappy marriage, but we’re stuck working in Antarctica together, and things happen, creatures come after us.

“We end up reconciling. It’s a really cool thing, because we start out at odds with each other, and then we go through this process through the scenes of kind of having to come together to survive, or try to survive.”

Re-creating frigid Antarctica in Louisiana in the summer was challenge one.

“We were on a soundstage in New Orleans. They were blowing snow, and I’m wearing this full snowsuit and goggles. It was hilarious,” she said.

She worked alongside another New Orleans actress, Kerry Cahill, who plays her wife.

“She’s (Cahill’s) great,” Forrestall said. “It was interesting for us to bond and make that arc.”

In addition to her screen work, which includes her film break in “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans,” Cahill also writes for theater projects in New Orleans.

A fan of period pieces, Forrestall said she was thrilled to land a guest spot on the 1960s-set “The Astronaut Wives Club,” which focuses on the women behind NASA Project’s Mercury and Gemini astronauts. She plays secretary to astronaut Gus Grissom (Joel Johnstone), the second American to fly in space.

“I had so much fun on that. They put so much styling into everything,” Forrestall said of the ’60s dresses and hairdos she donned. “My mom was like, ‘You look like me!’”

She said the shoot was “a great day, because there were also some other Louisiana talents, and we got to work together that day. It was really cool.”

And so was the wardrobe department.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, I want it all. I want it all.’ You know, hats and coats, and vintage dresses, and cocktail dresses. It was amazing,” she said. “Just being on set was magical, like being transported in time.”

After having hosted the first season of Investigation Discovery’s “Southern Fried Homicide” in 2013, the actress was back with ID last week to shoot an episode for the new series, “True Nightmares.” She just finished a short film, “Ripple,” in Los Angeles, and also recently worked on the upcoming New Orleans-shot web series, “Arceneaux.”