Maybe one day the Louisiana International Film Festival Orchestra will play a movie score recorded by local musicians in Baton Rouge.

It’s possible, and David Torns hopes one day that possibility will become a reality.

Which is why he and Chelsey Heymsfield developed the idea for the Louisiana International Film Festival Orchestra.

Torns is the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra’s associate conductor, and Heymsfield is founder and executive director of the Louisiana International Film Festival.

“We started talking back in the fall about how great it would be to have a symphony orchestra playing at the film festival to showcase how Louisiana’s film tax credits also apply to recording,” Torns says. “There’s already a lot of film scoring going on in New Orleans. Why not Baton Rouge?”

So, a collection of 70 local musicians —­ many of them members of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra and the Louisiana Youth Orchestra ­— will come together to perform at 5:30 p.m. Sunday in Perkins Rowe’s Grand Hall.

This is the finale day for the festival, and the Grand Hall serves as the entryway for Cinemark Perkins Rowe, where the festival is happening.

The concert is free, and it will end at 6:15 p.m., giving audience members time to settle in for the festival’s 7 p.m. screening.

“And in the Great Hall, the audience will be able to stand on three levels to listen,” Torns says. “The acoustics should be great.”

Torns also is excited about another opportunity offered by this orchestra.

“The members of the Louisiana Youth Orchestra are always looking for opportunities to perform next to professional orchestra musicians,” he says. “We don’t have many opportunities to do that during the regular year, because the members of the Baton Rouge Symphony are preparing for their concerts in the Masterworks series.”

But the 2014-15 Masterworks season has concluded, and orchestra members’ schedules have opened up.

“Not all of the musicians in the Film Festival Orchestra are members of the Baton Rouge Symphony, but many are,” Torns says.

The musician roster includes the symphony’s concertmaster Borislava Iltcheva, who, along with fellow symphony musicians, sat next to teens in the Louisiana Youth Orchestra for a full rehearsal of film scores in the LSU School of Music’s Orchestra Room on Wednesday night.

The program will include the themes from “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” “Forrest Gump” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“We’ll also be playing things like, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” Torns says. “It will all be famous movie music that everyone knows.”

Of course, Torns is hoping that this concert will lead to something more.

“The road is wide open if we continue to do this,” he says. “The Louisiana International Film Festival brings some incredible films to Baton Rouge, and maybe the score to one of those films could one day be recorded here. Our orchestra is filled with as many quality musicians as there are in places like Los Angeles and Europe, and maybe they could work on the music in the same place where they’re working on the film. This puts the spotlight not only our film tax credits but on our musicians, as well.”