Mystikal, the New Orleans rapper and actor, known for hits such as “Shake It Fast” and “Here I Go,” will perform at 9 p.m. on Friday at the Varsity Theatre.

The show also features performances from Baton Rouge rapper Adam Dollar$ and Kool DJ Supa Mike.

Mystikal, a.k.a. Michael Tyler, broke onto the scene in 1995 with his self-titled debut. Five years later, he released “Let’s Get Ready,” which celebrated its 15th anniversary last week.

Tyler’s career skyrocketed with “Let’s Get Ready,” which featured The Neptunes-produced No. 1 hit, “Shake It Fast.” But after the praise and Grammy nominations, he was charged with sexual battery and extortion in 2003.

Upon being released in 2010, he told MTV in an interview that he would “shake the world up.”

Now, on the first leg of his national tour, Tyler claims he has been true to the promises he made to fans since being released from prison.

“I’m getting things together,” he said. “I came back home to a new time and age. The entire musical landscape has changed. [It’s] a young man’s game now.”

However, there have been signs of a comeback for the rapper. In 2014, he appeared on Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Special,” providing James Brown-like vocals to the hit “Feel Right.” Tyler also signed to Cash Money records.

Not one to slow down, Tyler also has two upcoming artists that he has been grooming and giving guidance to regarding the music industry, Lil’ Hood and Y. Luck. In return, the two rappers keep him knowledgeable of hot trends and social media apps, such as Instagram and Twitter, which were both created and released around the time of Tyler’s incarceration.

“They are the younger version of me, and I am molding them to bring greatness to the music world,” Tyler said.

Whatever peaks and valleys Tyler has seen in his career, there is a renewed sense of “do-or-die” time for the rapper. In just the last six months, he has been spending all of his time recording and preparing in the studio. He wants the messages in his music to be relevant.

“I’ve been running to the studio, because at first I was off target with what the fans want, but not anymore,” he said. “It’s coming out just right, now.”