Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie, at 32, is living large in Atlanta, with a new album, Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, and what Rolling Stone calls a new attitude of optimism and hope.

He sat down with the magazine for a far-reaching interview that touches on music, life in prison (He was released from Angola last year after serving time for marijuana possession), fellow Louisiana rapper C-Murder, Ferguson, Louisiana, Baton Rouge and much more.

Some highlights:

• “Yeah, I miss Louisiana sometimes... But I don’t miss the hatred. I don’t miss the crooked cops down there. I don’t miss the system that hates me down there.”

• “I would never live in Baton Rouge again. My past is too strong for me to go live down there. ... That’s my hometown, ‘cause I love it, that’s where I’m from. But me living there, associating with people out there, that’s not going to happen.

• “In Louisiana, there’s only one person driving a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, and that’s Boosie. I’m like a store burning: I stand out there.”

See the full Rolling Stone interview here.