They packed the barn last year.

Longtime besties, veteran actors and singers John Schneider and Tom Wopat are bringing back their “Home for Hazzard Christmas” with two concerts Saturday at Schneider’s film studios in Holden.

The event’s name, of course, comes from the duo’s late ’70s-mid ’80s TV series, “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

With the songs from their well-received 2014 album “Home for Christmas” as a springboard, they’ll bring the sounds of big band, strings and country to holiday standards and lesser-known Christmas tunes.

In between the music, they’ll swap stories and jokes about their 30-year-plus friendship and collaborations. It’s all to celebrate the release of a vinyl version of last year’s record, which Rolling Stone named one of its 10 best Christmas albums.

The two discussed the concerts, their other projects, and each other.

John Schneider:

For those who weren’t at last year’s show, what can the audience expect this year?

First of all, I think people will be shocked at how well Tom and I sing together. They will also be shocked at how loud they’ll be singing along with us.

How is it singing with your best friend?

We have a wonderful time performing together. We were actually best friends from the first time we met. We only have one day of rehearsal, and that will likely happen in the living room of the main house over a beer or two.

Are there plans for any more shows like last summer’s “Shakespeare in the Swamp”?

Hopefully we will do “Shakespeare in the Swamp” again next year. That was so much fun and really a kick for me to see young people experiencing and enjoying Shakespeare for the very first time.

What are you and your team at the studio working on?

We have three films submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, and are waiting to see if they’ve been accepted or not. We just finished a film this year called “Inadmissible.” We’re very excited about this one, as it was shot in both Livingston Parish and over in Plaquemine.

And you’ve released the Christmas album on vinyl too?

It’s so exciting to see young people listening to vinyl again. Any purist knows that’s the only way to listen to music. I’m really jazzed that Wopat and Schneider are on vinyl together again.

Tom Wopat:

How did last year’s concert go over with the audience?

It was huge; it was great. And it was like a late bloomer, we really didn’t know what to expect, and the place was packed.

To what do you attribute the longevity of your friendship with John?

We’re blessed, I mean, we get along. We worked very closely for a long time together, and even when we had a dispute with Warner Bros., we did it together. It’s always been a real tight relationship, and I love him dearly, he’s my brother.

Will you guys have time to rehearse?

Oh, we’ll swang a lang through it a couple of times. I’m actually getting down there Thursday night. I have a son in Baton Rouge going to school so I’m going to spend a little time with him on Friday.

What made you guys decide to do the vinyl?

I made a record called “I Got Your Number.” It’s kind of a big orchestral thing, and you know, it has strings and horns, and it just seemed to be suited for vinyl. When we made this record last year, I thought, “Well, this is another one that I think fits really well on vinyl.” It’s fun. It’s nice to see the old vinyl covers. That’s what I grew up on.

You recently finished a film called “Fair Haven.” What’s that about?

It’s a father-son story. I play a widower, and I spend most of the movie trying to understand who my son is, and what he wants. I wrote an original song that plays during the credits.