Getting cozy with Kind Cousin _lowres

Advocate photo by Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez-- Allison Bohl DeHart of Kind Cousin

While most bands are desperate to get their music into bars and restaurants, Lafayette-based Kind Cousin is not.

Frontwoman Allison Bohl DeHart said after the band’s first album “Tremendous Hem” was released in 2014, the band has focused on altering its sound to every show and venue, including its upcoming performance at 7 p.m. Friday at Cité Des Arts in Lafayette.

The band is comprised of DeHart, Christiaan Mader, Peter DeHart, Chad Viator, Leah Graeff and Jessie Lalonde. The songs range from haunting lullabies to upbeat yet moody tunes that sound like they were written to perform in the heart of a dark forest.

Self-described as quiet music, DeHart said her band’s intricate harmonies and melodies are best experienced when the space is used as an instrument too.

“A lot of the times, in Lafayette especially, quieter music has a tendency to be not heard in bars,” DeHart said. “What happens to a band over time is they either get louder to get (their sound) over people, or you have to find other ways of playing music.”

Finding different ways to play with Kind Cousin is part of the challenge and, for listeners, the experience.

Everything from the songs the band plays to the stage setup and acoustics, DeHart wants them tailored for each gig.

This go-around, Cité Des Arts’ theater that seats about 150 in downtown Lafayette will, hopefully, transform into an intimate house show, DeHart said.

“For me, it’s not just about music but a musical experience,” she said. “A lot of the time, people haven’t been to a show where you sit and don’t talk during bands. A lot of people, they enjoy the music, but they enjoy the reverence of sitting and listening versus sitting, coming and talking to a friend about the weekend and all that.”

DeHart doesn’t want her music to only be played at a bar or restaurant and knows other bands who feel the same way.

“All this movement toward music not in bars is really helping bands not just be loud and live, but they can be really dynamic,” DeHart said.

Friday’s performance also will feature New Orleans-based band Alexis and the Samurai and Lafayette-based group Shrugs opening for Kind Cousin.

Shrugs members Renée Reed and Carolina Chauffe will join Kind Cousin onstage later, singing harmonies to different songs, DeHart said.

It’s small surprises like this that give Kind Cousin the personal finishing touch DeHart strives for.