Editor’s note: Click here to see a video from Tigerama. by LSU Tiger Marching Band Videographer Moe Athmann and editor Tyler Robinson.

Be on the lookout for a patriotic halftime surprise at the LSU-Alabama football game Saturday night.

Then, prepare yourself for the biggest concert on campus. Well, Tigerama, at least, is LSU’s annual concert that involves the largest number of participants.

This is when the LSU Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds join forces with the Tiger Marching Band for a spirited musical evening. It’s 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

But first there’s the aforementioned surprise on Saturday night. It’s not a special halftime guest but more of an unusual prop that surely will have fans on their feet. Heck, even Alabama fans won’t be able to resist cheering.

“It’s the game before Veterans Day, so this will be our annual LSU Salutes Show,” Director of Athletic Bands Roy King says. “We’ll be using something that Leslee Fitzmorris gave me about 10 years ago.”

Fitzmorris is a former LSU Golden Girl who staged a number of Super Bowl halftime shows. She’s now the Saintsations’ coordinator.

“She had a warehouse full of stuff, and she would let us borrow things for our halftime shows,” King says. “One day, she gave me a big box. She said, ‘Here, I want you to have this.’ I never opened that box until this year.”

King smiles but doesn’t hint at what was in the box. Everyone will just have to wait until halftime to find out.

He doesn’t, however, hesitate talking about the Tigerama program.

The two ensembles will combine into one for the first part of the program, which will end with the popular “God of Our Fathers.” For those who haven’t experienced Tigerama, this is one of the most popular parts of the program.

The song’s final fanfare features not only the ensemble musicians but the Tiger Band brass strategically placed throughout the arena. Then, get ready for goosebumps as an oversized American flag descends from the ceiling during the passage.

The Tiger Band takes the floor after a quick intermission, complete with Colorguard, Golden Girls and LSU Cheerleaders.

“We’ll get the crowd revved up by starting out with ‘Pregame,’” King says. “Then we’ll play the songs we played at halftime during the season.”

Those songs include “Callin’ Baton Rouge” and “Riverdance,” the latter featuring video excerpts of the band’s trip to Ireland last March to appear in Dublin’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The excerpts also played on Tiger Stadium’s Jumbotron during the band’s “Riverdance” halftime show at the LSU-Ole Miss game on Oct. 25.

“We’ll also be playing a couple of songs we didn’t play at halftime,” King says. “They’re stands tunes, and I really like them. And we’ll feature the Golden Girls in some tunes and the Colorguard in others.”

Then comes the fans’ favorite part — LSU’s fight songs.

“We always save those for last,” King says. “Everyone’s anticipating them, so we have a lot of fun at the end of the program.”

The full band will not travel to the Tigers’ remaining away games to Texas A&M and Arkansas, so Tigerama will mark the end of football season until LSU’s postseason bowl game.

“We’re anticipating a bowl game,” King says. “But we’re looking at Alabama first.”

Where the band not only will support the Tigers but salute the country’s military veterans in style.