Review: Selena Gomez brings her A-game to ‘Revival’ _lowres

Photo provided by Interscope Records -- Selena Gomez bares all on her new album, 'Revival.'

Sophomore albums are notoriously tricky propositions, but Selena Gomez’s second solo venture, “Revival,” breezes through to the finish line — the dance floor —with 11 nearly-impeccable tracks that skip from the ’60s to the ’80s to right this minute.

On “Revival,” Gomez continues her foray into a heady mix of electronic dance music pop, accessorized with rapping from A$AP Rocky, writing from Charli XCX, soulful pianos and steel drums. Her own chameleon voice is in the spotlight in the piano-accompanied “Hands to Myself.” Then, she turns in warm, rich vocals in the serious yet jubilant “Revival.”

The first single from the album, “Good for You,” her biggest hit to date, is a subtle electro tune. But the song’s flow suffers with A$AP Rocky’s bewildering (if trendy) interlude — a minor hiccup on an otherwise seamless album. “Same Old Love” starts off with a whimsical ’60s feel, but morphs into a punchy bass dance track.

“Body Heat” is an odd saxophone-infused Latino drum dance floor scorcher, but it’s “Survivors” that true trance-house addicts will fall for. “Kill Them With Kindness” is an approachable dance track with added bells and whistles (literally), while “Sober” brings ’80s synthesizers to the fore.