Born and bred in Baton Rouge, Adam Chenevert, or Adam Dollar$ as he is known onstage, didn’t picture himself as a rapper. Now, the 27-year-old has his sights set on unifying the rap music scene in Baton Rouge.

After four successful years rapping, Chenevert is working on a second EP and mixtape, hoping to lay a solid foundation for an upcoming album.

He said that in 2016, he’ll work on new music while playing shows in the area and hitting the road.

It’s a slow and steady climb for Chenevert, but he’s motivated to keep going, hoping to bring Baton Rouge rap fans together.

The capital city’s rap music taste ranges from Lil Boosie to Top 40 superstars like Fetty Wap, but there’s no one rapper that unifies people in Baton Rouge.

“In Baton Rouge, there’s not really a face of rap,” Chenevert said. “You got the two different sides, the gangster rap and the club music, and then you got the other side.”

Chenevert is on that other side. But he’s still holding onto his mainstream appeal.

Bigger Baton Rouge venues, such as the Varsity Theatre, booked him as a headliner. Those venues usually lend their stages only to rappers with record deals, but Chenevert said his universal sound lends itself to bigger, mainstream venues.

Though he’s not aiming to specifically be the new face of rap, Chenevert is ready to take his music to the next level. Clad with heavy beats and smart rhymes, his music jogs memories of ’90s rap, but Chenevert says his music is just realistic.

His songs aren’t too socially conscious or preachy, like one of his influences, A Tribe Called Quest. And though Chenevert said many shy away from his music because of its different sound, he’s still proven successful.

“I guess it’s just reality music more than anything,” Chenevert said. “I like the way that the Tribe’s music sounded because they were being socially conscious, but it wasn’t to the point where it turns you off. It was still cool at the same time.”

In 2015, Chenevert released two EPs, “The Vapor$” and “$upreme Abdul-Jabbar,” headlined at the Varsity Theatre and took his music on the road, playing film premieres in Chicago and rap shows in Houston.

This year, Chenevert will hit the ground running, headlining a show at the Varsity on Friday and thanking fans for buying his EP by releasing a free mixtape. Then, it’s back to work on his second EP, which he hopes shows a mature progression of his music.

“It’s a maturing process,” Chenevert said. “I’m still at baby steps right now.”