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Before we get off the subject of fried chicken, I must share this note from Sherry Laiche, of Gonzales, which she sent along with a recipe for Jersey Farm Style Southern Fried Chicken, which she found in her mother's "All-American Cook Book."

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As we've mentioned before, Louisiana's abundance of seafood, plus cooks who know how to prepare it, make meatless days of Lent somewhat less than sacrifices.

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Dear Smiley: I think LSU should make an offer as their next men's basketball coach to (Baylor women's coach) Kim Mulkey. A Louisianian who is an intense no-nonsense proven winner. It would be an intriguing and historic move.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Kelly Simoneaux, of Baton Rouge, says when his granddaughter, at her wedding reception, asked him the secret to a lasting marriage (he and wife Lois have been married 68 years), "I told her we had a simple agreement from the start — her grandmothe…

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After U.S. News and World Report ranked Louisiana "the worst" in terms of state support of such matters as health care, education, infrastructure, etc., I heard from readers who weren't pleased with the ranking, and professed their love for this s…

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Perry Snyder comments on the recent visit to Baton Rouge by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who's touring big and small places in the U.S. with wife Priscilla Chan.

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Our mention of the history of “You Are My Sunshine” reminded Ken Toups, of Lafayette, of another story about a famous song, this one involving Fats Domino (who just celebrated his 89th birthday):

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The Monday column item about Gov. Jimmie Davis buying the rights to "You Are My Sunshine" brought this memory from Delores Benedetto, of Baton Rouge:

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Perry Snyder says mention of former Gov. Jimmie Davis and his signature song, "You Are My Sunshine," brings to mind this story about the song's origin:

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F.A. "Tony" Mouton, of Lafayette, was going through his late brother's papers when he came across a typed Valentine's Day poem he thinks his brother composed in typing class in the 1940s.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

After comments about the pelican on the Louisiana state seal, we heard from Glen Duncan, the flag and seal designer, and Curtis Vann, the artist:

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B.J. Gouedy says, "The story on Feb. 4 about the 'spider attack' on a Boy Scout holding a hatchet reminded me of years ago when my son and his dad were on top of tall ladders scrapping loose paint off a two-story house so they could repaint.

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Paul Vincent Sr. says his sister-in-law, Mary Ayres, of Ruston, is working on a project on Gov. Jimmie Davis, and asks if I recall the little restaurant where Jimmie often had breakfast and lunch.

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"In the 1950s," says Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, "my big brother Roger Fern was a first lieutenant in the Army, where his team won the National Trophy Team Rifle Match.

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