Margaret Hawkins, of Ponchatoula, says, "Hearing of snow in Baton Rouge reminded me of a totally memorable announcement on the radio when we lived there in the late '60s.

"The host of a local program came back breathless from a break, broke into the music and excitedly said, 'Folks, FOLKS! Look out your windows! It’s snowing! There are HUNDREDS of flakes out there!'

"One of the best quotes. Ever."

Snow kidding!

Bobby Hebert (the one with Team Honda in Baton Rouge) says our Friday snowfall provided an opportunity for "rare excuses for being late for work:

"I may be a little late — looking for snow tire chains; have to shovel snow off the walkway (or driveway); need to find a snow scraper to get snow off my windshield; can't find my long underwear and snow boots; put my white poodle out and now can't find her; wife and kids won't stop throwing snowballs at me; may have to borrow a neighbor's snowmobile to make it in; I'm not sure if I awoke in Baton Rouge."

Dog sled delivery?

"Snow wasn't the only thing that amazed me Friday night," says Gladys Goldsby Ford, of Denham Springs.

"As I drove into my driveway at 11 p.m. after checking on powerless relatives in Amite, I spied The Advocate resting on the snow.

"'Hmmm,' I thought, 'guess the morning paper had two portions and I missed one.'

"But, lo and behold, there was Saturday's newspaper. Rain, hail, sleet, or snow — get The Advocate and be the first to know."

Thanks, Gladys — and I think we have a place for you in our promotions department. …  

Snow poetry

Some of you have noticed that at the end of my columns I've added a "Louisiana Haiku."

That's a Japanese verse form, which in English translates to three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.

I started it on Twitter some time ago, as a writing exercise — such a short form forces you to choose your words carefully. My editors have decided I should add it to the column to reach readers who don't tweet.

Judie Martinez, of Napoleonville, came up with this one:

"Here's a haiku called 'The Day After …' about my walk through a golf course this past Saturday morning:

"Sun-glistened fairways.

Snowy, spellbinding landscape.

Dreamy, white Christmas!"

Bob aims low

Marsha R. says our recent descriptions of geese flying in formation "reminded me of a trip our friends Bob and Kathy Hornsby proposed to the Wild Goose Festival in Eagle Lake, Texas.

"It was a very minor 'festival,' mainly celebrating the arrival of geese to feast on the south Texas rice fields. Engorged geese fly low and slow, and the hunters appreciate that.

"The sky was filled with geese, none flying the regulation 'V' but rather free-wheeling around in loops and swirls of smaller gaggles.

"Kathy was delighted by the spectacle and began to identify the letters they were forming:

“'Look, it’s like penmanship. There’s an L and an S, and over there is a W.'

“'Yes,' agreed Bob, 'Goose writers in the sky.'

"We accused them of promoting the trip just so Bob could drop that line on us."

Respond or pay

"J.T." tells us, "I received an invitation to a Christmas party for an organization I belong to.

"Here's the wording: 'Cost, $15 per person, $20 if no RSVP received by Dec. 6.'

"I guess that is a new way to be sure a person sends an RSVP. Guess who sent an RSVP right away."

Bead roundup

Frances Bennett thanks those who responded to her request for Carnival beads for worthy causes, including Christmas gift boxes for children in Mexico. If you've come across any more, she's at (225) 324-2750.

Window Santa

Discussing mechanical "laughing Santas" in Baton Rouge department store windows, I recalled the one at Goudchaux's being up on the roof.

Both Jim Wilcombe Jr. and Bill Huey say Goudchaux's Santa was originally in a show window facing Main Street and was moved outside to an awning facing Laurel Street after the store's expansion.

Louisiana Haiku

Visions of reindeer

Some reminded of Santa

Down here, venison

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