Phyllis Callahan, of Bayou Pigeon, disagrees with a statement by longtime column contributor Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine:

"I was reading Joe Guilbeau's article in the Post South, and believe I need to correct him about his 'Mason-Dixon Line.'

"He said Cajuns believe it starts in Bunkie. But all my life we have been told it was the I-10 that makes the Mason-Dixon Line."

High school hop

Lady Pat Sherman has another remembrance of Fats Domino after his death:

"The Baton Rouge High senior class of 1956 has sad, heavy hearts, but such fond memories.

"After raising money that senior year, we hired Fats Domino and his band to play all night at our 'after graduation' party.

"We will never forget that special evening, because…'We found our thrill…'"

(You may be cool, but are you "Fats Domino at your senior party" cool?)

Jump start

Lillian Grossley, in the Wednesday column, suggested "Fleur de Leap" to describe New Orleans Saints' players jumps into the stands after a touchdown.

She invited others to come up with names:

  • Ernie Gremillion says, "Fleur de Leap sounds real good, but it has the word 'leap' in it like the Green Bay version. The best I can come up is 'Mardi Gras Move.'"
  • David Cothell says, "David and Terri thought of 'The Superdome Sail,' but I think I also like Fleur de Leap better."
  • Wayne and Susan Cash, 30-year Baton Rouge residents now living in Murrieta, California, suggest "Saints' Ascension."
  • Keith Horcasitas was so inspired by "Fleur de Leap" that he turned to poetry, more or less:

"Fleur de Leap

Da Saints geaux steep

With Benson we'll boogie

Every touchdown we'll woogie

Us Who Dats in da end zone never sleep!"

Good suggestion

Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, says while Fleur do Leap is "Brilliant!" and the leap naming contest is "over before it's begun!," he offers this tip to Lillian Grossley:

"As its originator, copyright it NOW! Remember the NFL trying to claim rights to 'Who Dat?'"

Nice People Dept.

  • Miracle League volunteer Paul Vincent thanks the Southern baseball team and Aaron Nola "for coming out to the final game of fall baseball at our league for special needs children. They hung out with the players and gave out awards. It really was very cool for the kids. Baton Rouge should be proud."
  • Sue Hilliard thanks managers Nick at Rouses' on Drusilla and Tiffany at Winn-Dixie on Siegen for donating plastic bags to Judy Bernard, who turns them into sleeping mats for the homeless.

Says Sue, "Judy plans to teach a class on how to make the mats."  

Special People Dept.

  • Ruth Magette will be 100 years old on Friday, Nov. 10, an event to be celebrated Sunday at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. She moved to Baton Rouge from Zelienople, Pennsylvania, 50 years ago.
  • Ted Castillo of Baton Rouge, who as "The Prep Talker" covered high school sports for The Advocate for many years, celebrates his 93rd birthday on Saturday, Nov. 11.

Wounded in action

Herbert A. Landry Jr., of Slidell, says my fall out of bed reminded him of the time he went on his first vice sting when he was a New Orleans police officer.

He and his partner donned suits and convention badges and staggered around Bourbon Street bars until they were approached by a lady (who turned out not to be a lady, but never mind that) who invited them to a friend's place nearby.

Herb describes what happened at the friend's home after the deal was made:

"The two started to get frisky, and I wound up tumbling out of bed and landing on my shoulder. When the vice officer waiting outside heard the thump, he started banging on the door, figuring a scuffle had started.

"Arrests were made, but I wound up seeing a doctor and had to explain how I hurt my shoulder."

The doctor gave Herbert a bill for his services, on which he wrote as cause of the injury, "Fell out of prostitute's bed."

Herbert says presenting the bill to the police financial department for reimbursement was…interesting…

And so ended his career on the vice squad.

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