Russ Wise, of LaPlace, comments on a recent news story:

"Last week an airline refused a woman’s request to bring her 'comfort peacock' on board, but apparently having unusual comfort animals isn’t so unusual.

"During a Southwest flight to Washington this week, a flight attendant told me that he personally has seen people with a comfort pig, a comfort chicken, and a comfort horse.

"It seems the horse was some kind of a miniature, roughly the size of a large dog, and fit neatly into the space next to the bulkhead. It’s apparently a regular passenger on his flights.

"The chicken, he says, behaved itself on the flight. He told me, 'It was a well-trained chicken.'”

Educational experience

Marsha R. says my story about Bill Haag, the LSU anthropology professor who gave his full lecture instead of releasing his students for the holiday break, "reminded me of my own college experience.

"I was taking organic chemistry, and the professor said the only way we would be able to pass the course was to study every night.

"His experience with students had convinced him that the only way to ensure we studied the material every night was to give 10-point quizzes every morning.

"You scoff, but you would be surprised how quickly a daily zero can drop your good grades.

"On the last morning before the Christmas break, he came in and handed out his usual 10-point quiz as we all sighed.

"Then we smiled when we saw the first question: 'On what day does Christmas fall?' And we all smirked as we wrote 'Thursday.'

"We all got 9 points that day, because Christmas always falls on the 25th day, and just sometimes on Thursday.

"We learned more than chemistry in that class."

Menacing moss men

Glenn Mitchell, of Gretna, says, "The stories on Spanish moss reminded me of my mother taking me to the Grela Parade in the early '50s on the corner of Third Street and Huey P. Long in Gretna.

"At some point in the parade were four to six 'Moss Men' (men covered in Spanish moss from head to toe) with spears running from one side of the street to the other, 'scaring' the young parade-goers."

Poorer than thou

Francis Celino, the Metairie Miscreant, adds to our seminar on poverty:

"I saw this in a college newspaper: 'We were so poor we ate cornflakes with a fork to recycle the milk.'"

Dumb Question Dept.

Ronnie Guerin says that Martha Wright’s mention of the dumb question asked on an Alaskan cruise (about the altitude of the ship) "reminds me of a similar dumb question asked on a cruise that my wife and I took.

"After the cruise director gave an in-depth description of the ship’s design, a question came up from the back of the room: 'Is there an elevator that goes from the front of the ship to the back?'

"Needless to say, the director was dumfounded."

Special People Dept.

Lillian T. Sehrt, of Metairie, celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday, Feb. 3.  

Vanishing boudin

Ed Braud III, of Gonzales, says, "In order to help cure the cabin fever caused by the recent extreme cold spell, I ventured out in get some boudin."

Ed waxes poetic describing what happened:

"I went to the store yesterday to buy boudin for today.

"When I got home, I said, 'Mais cher…there's no way.'

"I'll try a little now; just a link or two…well, maybe four.

"When today I took a look in the fridge, there wasn't any more.

"I know they don't make boudin the way they did in the past,

"'Cause the stuff they make today…it just doesn't last."   

Louisiana Haiku

Rain dampens parades

Floats may have to really float

Instant boat parade

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