My many readers who are golfers don't often mention the education they get from the pastime, unless it's a lesson in abnormal psychology from other duffers. 

Robbin Pitre, of Cut Off, tells this tale of the benefits of the game:

"My daughter Andreé lives in Gainesville, Florida, and often sends my husband and me videos of our 4-year-old grandson, Brayson.

"One recent Saturday afternoon, her videos consisted of Brayson playing golf with his dad, Brian. Brayson tees off just short of the green, chips if necessary, then putts until he holes out.

"The video showed Brayson running back to the golf cart with excitement, because he wants to write on the scorecard the number for his score for each hole.

"My daughter texted us on their way home, because Brayson said in the car, 'Let’s get home and do some homework!'

"I can’t wait to ask Brayson in 15 or so years, on a Saturday afternoon while tailgating at an LSU game, if he wants to go home and do some homework.”

Death watch

We've been mentioning great teachers of the past, and Nobey Benoit passes along this tale about a creative one:

"Back in high school, in Mr. Gottbrath's physics class, he often gave extra credit questions on his exams.

"These were 'off the wall' questions not pertaining to physics.

"In 1962, when the movie 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' premiered, the question on one exam was 'Who shot Liberty Valance?'

"When we went to movies back then, the last thing on our minds was the plot, so no one got the answer right.

"Today, when the movie played on TCM, I thought about that question and paid close attention.

"In case you want to watch it, I, like Mr. Gottbrath, will not answer the question for you."

Dead reckoning

We've been running some "poorer than thou" stories about hard times in the past. Harriet Osterberger reminds us that not all sad stories from bygone days involve the lack of money:

"Do you remember Welsh Funeral Home, in a beautiful two-story home on Government Street in Baton Rouge?

"The Welsh family, as was common in those days, lived upstairs.

"One evening we were visiting with their son Don (now deceased), and poor-mouthing about our earlier days.

"Don, looking very sad and thoughtful, stated that 'None of my friends would come to spend the night at my house.'"

Biting wit

Mendi Thibodeaux, of Church Point, says, regarding our recent mentions of health care experiences:

"When Kyle, my godchild, was 8, he said, 'Nanny, I don't like to brush my teeth.'

"I said, 'You don't have to brush all your teeth; just brush the ones you want to keep!'

"Kyle scowled and said, 'Nanny, that's not funny.'"

Old as dirt

Referring to a recent series in the column, Bill Potter says, "There must be something about boats and ships that brings out dumb questions.

"While we were on a Colorado River trip near Moab, Utah, the guide was pointing out the canyon walls with their beautiful layers of striking shades of red, magenta, sandstone, etc., caused by eons of erosion, inland seas, volcanoes and other geologic activity.

"From the back of the boat a woman asked, 'Which of the layers is the oldest?'"

Special People Dept.

  • Hamlet Crotwell celebrated his 95th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 20. He is a World War II Navy veteran.
  • John Gaidry, of Lafayette, celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 21.
  • George and Roberta Kelly, of Baton Rouge, celebrated 67 years of marriage on Wednesday, Feb. 21.
  • Charles and Mary Hulbert celebrated 59 years of marriage on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Thought for the Day

From J.C. Robillard, of Port Allen: "Never judge yourself. Let others judge you. When you judge yourself, you have a tendency to exaggerate."

The big thaw

Fletch Young says, "Mother Nature was the major culprit in LSU losing to Notre Dame in the opening baseball series.

"Their team was looser than the Tigers. With perfect weather, it allowed them to thaw out for the first time in three months."

Louisiana Haiku

Traffic woes mounting

Hard to get from here to there

Leave early, be late 

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