Dear Smiley: Every morning at my house we enjoy having our coffee and reading The Advocate.

One morning, after a sleepover, my 5-year-old grandson was checking out the headlines while I was making our coffee (he has a lot of milk and sugar in his, but drinks it in a mug and feels quite big).

As I watched him "reading" the paper, his facial expression suddenly changed to one of deep concern.

Was he staring at a picture of a violent, bloody crime scene or a tragic accident? Neither!

It was our favorite Saint, No. 9, Drew Brees, in a RED jersey!

My grandson turns to me and says, “Oh, no, Mimi! Drew Brees plays for the Atlanta Falcons now.”

I laughed and explained he had on a red jersey so his teammates wouldn’t accidentally hit him hard at practice.

He smiled at this, took a sip of his coffee, and then asked me, “If the Falcons wear red jerseys, then what color does THEIR quarterback practice in?”

That kid is a deep thinker, for sure.



No plague here, cher   

Dear Smiley: Your reader's Thursday story of the invasion of frogs reminds me of the plague of frogs in the Book of Exodus.

It's always seemed to me that if the Israelites had been captured by Cajuns instead of Egyptians, a plague of frogs would have been like manna from heaven.


Baton Rouge

A bug's life

Dear Smiley: (Answering the reader on Thursday who asked this question:)

Male lady bugs in my chicken yard are called "hen pecked."


Tylertown, Mississippi

Twilight Zone moment

Dear Smiley: Did you know there was time travel in the 15th Century?

“Today in History” states, “On August 3, 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, on a voyage that took him to the present-day Americas."

I guess the old adage is right: You’re never too old to learn something new.


Morgan City

Good guess!

Dear Smiley: Back in the day when women weren’t "pregnant," they were “expecting,” they wore maternity smocks.

For a flight to see Grandma, I made such a smock out of bright white cloth with dime-sized bright green polka dots on it.

I made a dress for my little daughter, Kathryn, from the same cloth and had enough left to make a little dress for her dolly.

During the process of getting our luggage up and getting us seated, Kathryn dropped her dolly.

After we were in the air, a man came down the aisle, looking at passengers. He stopped at our seat, held out the dolly to Kathryn and said, “This must be yours.”

I wonder how he knew?



Italian 101

Dear Smiley: Seeing Glenda Barras’ Thursday story about accents ("forking" for "Fire King" dish) calls to mind a recent event.

My wife, Margaret, usually works the daily crossword puzzle. When she gets completely stumped on a word, she asks me to help by going to the internet to get the solution.

She recently had a word with a clue of "used in models" that stumped her.

I entered the info on Google, and told her it gave me a word that looked liked it was Italian with which I was not familiar. I pronounced the word as "tos cale," with the accent on the "ca."

She entered the word, and remarked that she thought the word was "to scale."


Baton Rouge

That's entertainment?

Dear Smiley: That July 28 letter about watching the Home Shopping Network to avoid TV commercials was great. And to the point. At least you know you've signed up for a continuous commercial.

I remember back in the three-channel days there was a lot of complaining about commercials. But today, I've clicked through 20 channels and got ALL commercials.

If it wasn't for the TV program ID system, I'd never know what I'm supposed to be watching.


Ville Platte

Dear Sonny: I feel your pain. On one cable channel, I counted between seven and 10 commercials (including promos for upcoming shows) between show segments. (Newspaper ads, however, are different — they're classy, enlightening and vital.)   

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