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Warren Morris makes the connection for his championship winning ninth inning home run in 1996. Ran June 9, 1996. Photo by John Pendygraft

Here's another story, and a rather unique one, for our "Where were you when Warren Morris hit the home run that beat Miami and won the College World Series title for LSU?" file:

"I have been reluctant to share my Warren Morris moment, but figure most people willing to read your column probably have a checkered past.

"I was incarcerated in a Florida prison in 1996, and sat in a jam-packed television room watching the game.

"I remained silent throughout the game, but totally forgot where I was when the ball cleared the right field fence, and jumped up with a holler and a fist pump.

"The temporary lapse in judgment was met with 50 or 60 stares that said 'We are about to kill you.'

"I was definitely the only LSU fan in the room.

"I made it out of the room alive, though I kept my head on a swivel and slept with one eye open the next few days.

"That was probably the only 3 or 4 seconds where I totally forgot where I was, thanks to Warren Morris and LSU."

Heavy metal

Ed Clancy says our mention of the famous Warren Morris home run reminds him of a column he wrote for the Kenner Star in 2012 ("I retired recently after 20 years").

In it he recalled his 1996 rant about the use of aluminum baseball bats in the college game, saying that he had been dozing during the game and "was jolted awake by a loud noise: CLINK! I looked up to see Warren Morris of LSU rounding the bases with a two-run home run and the LSU players mobbing him at home plate.

"However, I was confused…the sound I heard was not the CRACK! of my youth. It was CLINK. Or maybe it was CLUNK. It definitely was not CRACK!”

"At the time of my 1996 column, I was incredulous at what would become of the legacy of the great Babe Ruth had major league baseball been using aluminum bats:

“He never would have gone down in history as the ‘SULTAN OF SWAT.’ He would have been the 'CALIPH OF CLINK.' Or maybe the ‘BEHEMOTH OF BINK.’

Thanks, Ed. That's one of the better rants we've had lately…

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer, who says, "I saw the following on a T-shirt and thought of you:"

"So when is this 'When you grow up you'll know better' supposed to kick-in?"

Swift reaction

"The Vermont Catamount" says, "By putting the 'Tom Swifties' in a recent column, you only encouraged me to come up with more.

“'Come sit by the fire,' Tom said warmly.

“'I don’t care if you freeze to death,' Tom said coldly.

"And last but not least, 'I sent three dots, three dashes and three dots,' the telegraph operator said remorsefully."

He adds, "if you ever need more, just let me know. I am sure I can come up with more."

Thanks, Catamount. I'll keep that in mind…

The Vermont Catamount


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