My recent "cats being cats" story reminded Mary Pramuk of this one:

"We met two New York City cats, Flotsam and Jetsam, when their owner, an artist (now deceased), lived and worked in a loft on the top story of a once-commercial building, looking out on a number of rooftops.

"Frequently, pornographic paperbacks started showing up at the loft, and one of the cats was caught coming in an open window with one in his mouth. The artist cleared off a lower bookshelf to house the 'cat collection.'

"Everyone in the neighborhood knew about a nearby Mafia hangout, and pretty much ignored them and their press. It was determined that the books were coming from the Mafia folks.

"The cat continued to cross the rooftops and carry on his pilfering. I like to think that being Mafioso, they may have known what was going on, but were so impressed with the cat's modus operandi that they let it continue."

To dye for

It has been noted elsewhere that our spell of warm weather means snowball stands are active in south Louisiana.

Cheryl M. Litwin, of Metairie, tells of her family's "famous snowball story," about her son, who is now a police officer:

"As a young child, he loved his very first blue bubblegum flavored snowball at Sal’s Snoballs in Metairie.

"As I was fixing dinner several hour later, I heard loud screaming and wailing coming from the bathroom. Expecting to find something catastrophic, I found my son sobbing.

"Yes, without more details, I’m sure you can guess the ending!"

Mornings were sweet

Mention of breakfast desserts brought this response from Norma Downing, of Oak Grove, Mississippi:

"Before my hubby retired after 50 years and we moved home to south Mississippi, he was usually among the first at work, about 6 a.m.

"For a while, I tried to rise cheerfully(?) and cook a hearty breakfast. Nope.

"Then I tried leaving traditional fare for him to heat up. Nope.

"Then one night, I missed leaving a meal to heat, and he went rummaging in the fridge, found the remains of a banana pudding. Bingo!

For 30-plus years or so, he delighted in all manners of hearty sweet offerings — bread pudding, banana pudding, fresh sliced peaches, sweet Louisiana strawberries, sweet potato pie, etc.

"He wasn’t one to eat desserts after a meal, but was crazy about them with his steaming mug of Community coffee!"

Test of faith

Keith Horcasitas says, "Father Ed at St. Francis Xavier gave us a great icebreaker for Lent:

“A priest was making his way down an alley to his parked car when a man emerged from the shadows, thrusting a revolver into his ribs and demanding, ‘Hand me your wallet!’

“When the priest reached into his inside pocket, his clerical collar became evident in the dim light, catching the robber off guard. 'Are you a priest?’ he exclaimed.

“‘Yes, I am,’ the priest replied.

“‘Oh, I don’t rob priests,’ the thief responded, ‘I’m Catholic, too.’

“Greatly relieved, the priest withdrew a cigar from his inside pocket and offered it to the penitent thief.

"‘Oh, no! I can’t do that,’ the thief exclaimed, ‘I’ve given them up for Lent.’"

Special People Dept.

  • Connie Dupaquier Parr, of Covington, can celebrate her 90th birthday "sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning." She was born on Feb. 29. She is a native of New Orleans.
  • Joseph and Mary Ann DeWeese, of Sidney, Ohio, celebrate their 61st anniversary on Wednesday, Feb. 28. They have children and grandchildren who have migrated to this part of Louisiana.

No comment

Algie Petrere asks, "Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a 'congress?'"

What accent?

Marvin Borgmeyer tells of the Tennessee state trooper who pulled over a speeding pickup truck and asked, "Got any ID?"

The driver replied, "'Bout whut?"

The end

"Regarding hospital gowns and privacy issues," says Susan Koehler about a recent column topic, "I find it ironic that the acronym for the act that includes a provision for protecting patients' health information is HIPAA."

Louisiana Haiku

Still dark brown water

Lure hits, bayou barely stirs

Fish ponders new guest

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