John Carver, of Lacombe, has a floor furnace and bad-dog story:

"In the mid-'60s, we got a toy Manchester pup that was a tiny terror. He chewed any clothing that hit the floor, gnawed corners off furniture, got behind the console stereo and tore up the wiring — even set the house on fire.

"One day, Tiny Terror took a cushion off the sofa and dragged it onto the floor furnace. Firemen put out the fire — the only damage was a small amount of charred wood by the furnace.

"Another day, he was outside in our fenced yard, but when we came home from work, he wasn't there. I was elated.

"My wife insisted I put an ad in the paper. Here's exactly how it read: 'CAUTION! Black toy Manchester strayed from 1930 Alvar St. This dog destroyed clothing, furniture, a beautiful stereo, and even set the house on fire. For some reason, wife still wants him back. WH 94949.'

"The confounded dog was back in the yard the next morning.

"Maud O'Bryan, New Orleans States-Item columnist, saw the ad, and that afternoon, there was a huge front-page photo of my wife, 2-year-old daughter and the miserable dog."

Moss goes Hollywood

Harry Clark, of Lafayette, tells this Spanish moss story:

"Years ago, they were filming the movie 'Shy People' and were doing some of the scenes in this area.

"I was doing a lot of fishing in those days, and often put in at the Catahoula ramp.

"The movie people had built a house set on a point in the canal. It was amazing how realistic it looked.

"One morning, as I was passing by the location, I saw a barge with a cherry picker on it. The guy in the basket was pulling moss from the trees.

"Being a curious guy, I had to stop and ask them what they were doing. He told me they were moving it over to the trees around the house to make it look more authentic.

"No wonder movie tickets are so expensive."

Snow day news

Joan Hall, of Baton Rouge, says, "While our snow day was nice for the kids — no school, and they got to play in it — I want to say a big 'thank you' to all of our news people on TV and the paper for the excellent job they did reporting the news.

"They braved the snow and icy roads to make sure we knew what was going on with the weather, how cold it was going to get and what was opened or closed around our area."

Good Samaritans

Joel d'Aquin Thibodeaux, of Baton Rouge, says, "My cousin Avis, just turned 95, still lives by herself in a condo. She told me this story:

"'I was in Calandro's on Tuesday getting things before the bad weather and ran into Richard Williams, a deacon from my church, First Baptist. He helped me get my groceries into the car and asked if I needed help when I got home unloading the car.

"I told him I could manage by myself — I did not want to inconvenience him. But when I drove up to my house, he drove up behind me, helped me bring the groceries up the steps and put them in the kitchen for me. I think the Lord sent him."

Special People Dept.

  • Mary Kendrick, of Pride, celebrates her 94th birthday Wednesday, Jan. 24.
  • Frances Charles, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 91st birthday Wednesday, Jan. 24.

Deep thoughts

Emmett Irwin submits this as the worst Cajun joke he knows:

"In an enlightening conversation at the Hubba Hubba, Gaston asked Boudreaux, 'Hey Boudreaux, tell da troot. Whatchu tink about Roe vs. Wade?'

"'Mais, dat's no big deal, non,' said Boudreaux. 'It all depends how deep da bayou is.'"

Thought for the Day

From Earl Newman: "If life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, find somebody whose life has given them vodka and have a party."

Louisiana haiku

Buying beads to throw

Plan to catch more at parades

They fill up attic 

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