Since Girl Scout Cookie sales always happen around Carnival and king cake time, some people (not me) have complained that having both sweets available plays havoc with their New Year's resolution to slim down.

The young ladies in Girl Scouts are now taking cookie orders, and they'll be sold from booths at various locations between Feb. 23 and March 11. For information, go to

And, of course, king cakes are now available at friendly neighborhood bakeries all over south Louisiana.

I've pondered the problem of having both cookies and cakes sold at the same time, and come up with a solution that I think borders on genius.

Why not, in south Louisiana only, offer GIRL SCOUT KING CAKES?

That way we could support a worthy cause AND indulge in the season's iconic pastry.

You don't have to thank me, Girl Scouts leaders — public service is my life.

If, however, you implement this idea and feel especially grateful, raspberry cream cheese is my favorite…

Divine team?

Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, discusses Sunday afternoon's disaster involving the New Orleans Saints:

"I have heard the Vikings' last play victory called a 'miracle.'

"I find it hard to believe God would be against the Saints."

Honoring Buckskin

Following the death of Buckskin Bill Black, the beloved host of children's TV shows, Leslie Tassin and Joan Hall float a couple of ideas:

Leslie says, "Buckskin Bill was such an icon in Baton Rouge, especially for the kids, for so many years that he needs to be honored in a special way.

"How about renaming the Knock Knock Children's Museum the Buckskin Bill Knock Knock Children's Museum? It is a perfect tribute to this great individual."

And Joan says, "I just got to thinking — I sure wish we could name the Baton Rouge Zoo after him. I know his family would be honored.

"I moved away and came back, and was so glad to watch Buckskin Bill. We didn’t have anybody like him in Texas."

Spectator sport

Richard Fossey, of Baton Rouge, says, "When the Louisiana Marathon came through College Town, our grandchildren had a great view of the runners from a second-story window.

"I saw a runner checking his cell phone while he jogged by, which reminded me of that old joke about the woman who went to the opera with her hair in curlers. 'I'm attending an important event after the opera,' the woman explained.

"I viewed the racers while eating French toast and sausages. I share Winston Churchill's philosophy about exercise: 'The only exercise I get is acting as an honorary pallbearer for my friends who exercise.'"

Special People Dept.

  • John B. Landry, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 93rd birthday on Tuesday, Jan. 16. Originally from Garyville, he is a World War II Army veteran, having served in the European Theater, and a Bronze Star recipient.
  • A.J. and Barbara Laurent, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Monday, Jan. 15.

Mrs. Doctor

John Currier tells a bittersweet story that reminds us how, even today, some people still regard women:

"My daughter Rebecca and her husband John live in Salt Lake City. He is a computer engineer and she is doing her residency in family medicine.

"We were 'Face-Timing' them to catch up, and she mentioned that they had received a letter addressed to 'Dr. and Mrs. Curran.'

"She was mildly annoyed, but laughed it off by wondering whether she or John should feel more offended?

"She didn’t forget about it, though. We chatted a while longer, then she signed off by saying, 'Great talking to you guys, but it’s getting late and it’s time for me and the little missus here to turn in!'"

Thought for the Day

From Earl Newman, of Gonzales: "Always remember, you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else."

Sitting pretty

Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Clinton, says, "You hear of these unhappy stories of men who give their wife an appliance for Christmas.

"One of our friends gifted his wife with a toilet seat. She was thrilled — it was what she requested."

Louisiana Haiku

Saints' season over

End came quickly, painfully

Way too much drama

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