F.J. Guttierrez, of Lacombe, says, "One summer day my wife and 3-year-old daughter were driving on Canal Street in New Orleans.

"It was 1958, so the daughter was standing on the front seat next to her mother.

"On the dashboard of our 1955 Chevy was a small magnetic plastic statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

"The wife made a U-turn through the neutral ground and the statue slid across the dashboard and out of the window.

"Our daughter's response was, 'Oops, there goes God!'"  

Or "Slothfather"

Tom Miller, of Mandeville, says, "For years my wife complained that I always moved too slow.

"When our daughter was expecting her first, she asked me did I want to be called 'Grandpa' or 'PaPa' or 'Granddaddy' or what?

"So naturally I said the grandkids can call me 'Slow Pa' — and all three of our grandsons and their wife and girlfriends and school friends have always called me Slow Pa. And I love it!"

Fluffy and others

More grandparent names:

—Francis Celino, The Metairie Miscreant, says, "My grandson started calling me Fluff-Fluff, then changed it to Fluffy. Now my great-grandson and a lot of others call me Fluffy also."

—Martha Wright says, "When we told our son, my father’s first grandchild, to call him Grandpappy, it came out Grandhappy. That name stuck, and fit him to a T."

—Kristen Scott, of Lacombe, says, "I've heard of a grandmother who said that she was an old fossil, and therefore the grandchildren should call her Fossil. And so they did."

Funny duck

After Bo Bienvenu, in Monday's column, mentioned the antics of "Patin's duck," Larry Sylvester added more on the Cajun duck:

"Patin's duck is probably a south Louisiana legend. When I was in elementary school, decades ago in Lake Charles, the elementary and high schoolers were on the same campus.

"The big boys (high schoolers) put out a school newspaper periodically. There was always a column entitled 'Patin's Duck.'

"I don't know who did the work, Patin or the duck, but I usually quacked up on reading his stories and jokes."

Love and turkey

Harriet St.Amant, of Baton Rouge, has a story about choosing holidays for weddings to avoid missing anniversaries:

"My mother's father and stepmother were married on Thanksgiving Day, 1938.

"They had both lost spouses and then, gratefully, found each other. The day was so much more important to them than the date that they celebrated their anniversary every year on Thanksgiving."

Goat song

Chapman Morgan, of Santa Maria, California, comments on the Monday mention of a song about Grogan's (or Hogan's) goat:

"'Anonymous from Amite' has the words to 'Hogan's Goat' right on, according to my friend Frank Carraway, age 96, from Florida.

"We jam together with a country group, and he sings 'Hogan's Goat' now and then."

Special People Dept.

—Evelyn K. Chauvin, of Metairie, observed her 93rd birthday Wednesday. A birthday celebration will be held Saturday in New Orleans.

—Pud and A.J. Tranchina celebrated their 59th anniversary Wednesday.

Celebrating normality

"Growing older," says Marsha R., "means my ears are no longer self-cleaning, and I have to see my doctor to have mine sluiced out occasionally.

"Last year she suggested I should have my hearing checked 'just to establish a base line.'

"So this year I finally scheduled a hearing test with an audiologist. Afterwards she questioned me closely: Why did I come in for a hearing test? Did my doctor order it specifically? Did I have concerns about my hearing?

"Then she informed me that my hearing was perfectly normal, and I should know just how rare it was for her to tell someone my age that their hearing was normal. She was almost giddy with the news.

"This is the age when being 'normal' is occasion for congratulations."

Earthy old sayings

"Being a part of five brothers and no sisters," says Michael B. Thompson, "whenever something went amiss and Mom did not know who the guilty party was, Mom would corral us and ask: 'OK, who flung the dung in Grandpa's pretty white whiskers?'"

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