A roadkill story from Steve Liuzza, of Doraville, Georgia:

“My friend Tim and his wife Carol, University of Georgia students at the time, on a whim and at the last minute decided to attend the 1980 Sugar Bowl, making their first trip to Louisiana.

“They arrived in New Orleans just prior to game time, secured a couple of last-minute affordable tickets, attended the game and headed back to Athens following Georgia’s victory over Notre Dame.

“Not long after leaving New Orleans, on a dark and lonely road, they rounded a curve and ran over a full-grown cow that had decided to lie down on the warm road surface. With a dead cow in the road and an old compact car that was making terrible noises and would only go about 15 or 20 mph, they drove for another mile and came across a service station that had just turned its lights off.

“Pulling into the station, they appealed to the attendant for help, explaining their situation.

“The attendant asked them how far back was it that they’d hit the cow. Tim told him, and the man told them to watch the station while he retrieved the cow, took it to someone to have it dressed out, then came back to attend to the car.

“Tim said the nice service station attendant went out of his way to repair his car. He also said he had no problem with the fresh roadkill taking priority. After all, he WAS in southeast Louisiana.”

Educational experience

Paul Major, of Livonia, says, “In response to the Legislature’s failure to fully eliminate the coming year’s budget deficit, LSU is having to institute fee increases for the upcoming academic year — fees like the ‘student excellence fee’ and the ‘orientation fee.’

“Why doesn’t LSU just bite the bullet and combine all of its separate fees into one ‘Because the Legislature won’t fully fund the University’ fee? It would be much simpler and students (and parents) would know exactly why they were being charged the additional money.”

Feverish joke

Anne Maverick says, “Your story about the fake beating your dad inflicted (in the Wednesday column) reminded me of this practical joke my dad played on my mom.

“He had me hold a mouthful of very warm water and then took my temperature with a thermometer under my tongue.

“I don’t remember how high my resulting ‘fever’ was, but Mom was duly alarmed before we let her in on the joke.”

Mr. Nice Guy

Chatting with Janet Fabre Smith about the death of her dad, Ellis Magee, I recalled his great sense of humor.

Back when he was first assistant attorney general to Atty. Gen. Billy Guste, he was portrayed in the Capitol Correspondents’ Association Gridiron Show by Jack Wardlaw of the Times-Picayune as straight man to Guste, played by me.

The portrayals were pretty silly, and not particularly flattering, but Ellis and Billy were always gracious, complimenting us after the show and seeming to get a kick out of it.

Janet tells this story: “Recently my dad and I went to a luncheon where Edwin Edwards spoke. He remembered my dad and said to him, ‘I always said you were too nice to be a lawyer.’”

As usual, EWE nailed it…

Cajun chicken

Shooter Mullins says the “gros bec” (heron) mentioned in our roadkill seminar “has appeared on a lot of tables in south Louisiana. However, many veteran denizens of the marsh or prairie know it by a different name: ‘bec gros’ or ‘baycross.’

“Not really a big deal. The wisest of the birds won’t answer to either name.”

Harding Field memories

Marc Goldstein is producing a short video documentary on Harding Field, the military air base in the ’40s that became Baton Rouge Metro Airport. It’s to play in a kiosk in the airport rotunda. He’s “found a number of photos of the construction and life on the base.

“I’m looking for personal stories that might add some special insight into that ‘moment in time’ for Baton Rouge.”

He needs photos, film and stories. Go to marc@creativevideo.tv.

Special People Dept.

— Bill Averill, of New Roads, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Friday, July 1.

— William “Beagle” and Lucie May Dupre celebrate their 71st anniversary on Friday, July 1.

— Joe and Sybil Boudreaux, of Ventress, celebrate 67 years of marriage on Saturday July 2.

— On Sunday, July 3, Jim and Maxine Jenkins, of Tickfaw, celebrate their 60th anniversary.


“It’s a rare and wonderful thing when success happens in the morning,” says Margaret Hawkins, of Ponchatoula.

“My husband Bill nailed it when a telemarketer called AGAIN with the news that the warranty on our car had expired.

“‘Which car?’ he asked.

“‘Uhhh, we’re not given that information, sir.’

“‘That’s a good reason not to call back, isn’t it?’ he said in his gravelly voice.

“The ‘Yes, sir’ answer was the first time a telemarketer has made him smile.”


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