Fay Weilbaecher, of Covington, says, "I lost my son a few months ago. June 15 was his birthday, so in his honor I am sending a story about him when he was a little boy.

"He was an excellent athlete, especially in football. They called him 'The BIG O' — he wasn't very big, but he was fast as lightning. He played at Harahan Playground, making it to the all-star game his last year before going to Jesuit High.

"In one game, the entire family filled the bleachers to cheer him on as he ran all over the field.

"Then the other team's coach sent in his biggest kid to stop him. We thought it was one of the fathers dressed in football gear.

"This kid hit him, and his body went one way and his helmet went the other way. All you could hear were gasps from the people watching. I screamed because I thought he was beheaded.

"A man turned to the crowd and said the big kid was the son of Tom Dempsey (the record-setting kicker for the Saints)."

Coveted position

Ronald Scioneaux, of St. James, says, "A group of us guys were organizing a youth baseball team, and as we were choosing kids for the teams we asked which position they wanted to play. My little nephew Timmy, about 5 years old, looked up and smiled — 'I wanna play batter.'"

(Well, if you were using American League rules, he could be the designated hitter…)

Looking alike

Carol B. says, "When I turned to page 6C of Saturday's sports section of The Advocate, I was surprised to see Jerry Seinfeld staring back at me. Oh, wait a minute, that's (LSU baseball star) Kramer Robertson! What a resemblance!"

(He's fortunate, Carol, that he looks like Jerry rather than George or Newman or, heaven forbid, Kramer.)

Cheering up Father

Beverly Bulligan, of Kenner, adds this to the "Letters to Dad" stories that ran in Friday's column:

"My siblings and I were very young when my dad was admitted to the hospital. Mom told us it would be nice if we would each send him a letter of good wishes — although I don’t think he was particularly excited to get the one from my brother, David, that started with 'Dear Old Dad.'"

Local hero

Thanks to Barrie and Bill Boutall for this information:

"One of the contributors to your column, George McLean, of Metairie, was awarded the French Legion of Honor medal on June 6 at the World War II Museum in New Orleans.

"He was an aerial gunner during World War II in the U.S. Air Force.

"He is a very modest man, but we would like to have you recognize him for this honor."

Record-setting event

Glenn Giro, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, says that while I run birthday notes for folks 90 years old or older, and anniversary notes for couples married 50 years or more, "I noticed one designation that was lacking.

"So I have come up with an additional one I call the 'Vinyl Anniversary.' It must be celebrated four months after the 33rd anniversary. Yes, folks, it’s the 33⅓ anniversary."

(I'm  hoping I don't have to explain this one to our younger readers. And, by the way, guess what Arkansas reader has that very anniversary coming up…Nice try, Glenn.)

Light bulb blues

"Is it just me," asks Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonvlle, "or has purchasing a light bulb become complicated to anyone else? It is a life-changing experience.

"By the way, I bought one with a life-time warranty. It says on the package that it will last 22-plus years."

(It's not just you, Chuck. I've had trouble buying the right light bulb ever since they came out with those ones that look like curlicue potatoes.)

The other half

Paul Major, of Livonia, disagrees with the reader who said the less than 50 percent who actually voted got what they deserved in the way of elected officials:

"I suspect that the people getting what they deserve are the more than 50 percent who DIDN'T vote."

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