Clark Hardesty recalls that the first time he saw the words "Geaux Tigers," they were written by his father, Dan Hardesty, long-time sports editor for the State-Times, Baton Rouge's former afternoon newspaper:

"My father became friends with Louis and Evelyn Gouaux, rabid Tiger fans from Lockport, who came to all the LSU home games. Over a period of years, they often stopped by my parents' house for lunch and to visit before the games.

"In the 1980s Dad wrote a story in the paper about the Gouauxs and what big Tiger fans they were, and used the phrase 'Geaux Tigers.' (I am not certain whether he spelled the word like their name or the way it is spelled now.)

"He was quite proud of having come up with a clever phrase playing on the French heritage of our state. Though it took some years to catch on, he was especially happy to see it become such a famous catch phrase for LSU athletics, which was a big part of his life."

Fearless but faulty

To those readers interested — both of them — my Fearless Football Forecast for the LSU Tigers, made in August, wasn't perfect.

I did have the Tigers upsetting Auburn, and was correct on seven other victories. And while I called the loss to Alabama (no surprise there), I figured our lads would also lose to Florida, but beat Mississippi State and (sigh) Troy.

I did have the Tigers losing a Florida bowl game — but to Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

My 10-3 prediction for the 2017 season was off by a game, but 9-4 made for a pretty good year for the Tigers.

Enjoy it now, Tiger fans, because here's a very early Fearless Forecast — things are about to get worse…    

Initial reaction

Susan Lipsey says, "Richard’s cousin, Taris Savell, moved to Baton Rouge from Pensacola two years ago.

"Taris recently commented, 'Since I moved to Baton Rouge, I’ve never heard the ‘F’ word used so much.'

"Bracing ourselves for what she was about to say, she quickly followed up with …'FOOD and FOOTBALL.'”

Another plus

Harry Clark, of Lafayette, says, "Through the years I have seen many submissions extolling the wonderful things about living in Baton Rouge.

"I thought of one I don’t think anyone has mentioned before. It is just a little over an hour drive to Lafayette."

Crying time

"My friend Mindy says she cries EVERY TIME she goes to the movies," says Joel d'Aquin Thibodaux:

"She says, 'I cry if my favorite character dies; I cry if it is a sweet romance story — and I cry if I think about much money I paid to see a lousy movie!'"

Laughing matter

Ernie Gremillion says, "In the supermarket the other day, I was behind a gentleman about my age (senior plus).

"He picked up a bunch of green bananas. I thought I would kid with him a little, and told him I just left my doctor, and he advised me not to buy any green bananas (meaning I didn't have a lot of time left).

"Obviously he did not get the joke, because he thanked me for telling him and said he would put them back.

"After I explained the joke, we had a good laugh."

Special People Dept.

  • Ralph H. Wilder celebrates his 97th birthday on Friday, Jan. 5. He is a World War II veteran, having served in the Pacific on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Yorktown.
  • Wilbert Terry, of Slidell, celebrates his 95th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 6. He is a World War II veteran.
  • Leah Chase, of New Orleans' legendary Dooky Chase Restaurant, celebrates her 95th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 6.
  • Ella Mae Bertrand, of Crowley, celebrates her 93rd birthday on Friday, Jan. 5.
  • Ida Barocco, of Harahan, celebrates her 92nd birthday on Friday, Jan. 5.
  • Norman Bryant, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrates his 91st birthday on Saturday, Jan. 6.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: "If you had to choose between drinking wine every day or being skinny, which would you choose — red or white?"

Louisiana Haiku

Your science project

Bottle January air

Open in August

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