Here's a story that will ruin the day for many folks of AARP age:

Mary Kay Cowen, of Marrero, says, "My husband Mark and I were at a tourist information center looking at a map and deciding what direction (non-interstate) we wanted to take.

"A boy looked at his dad and asked what we were looking at.

"When his dad said 'A map,' the boy responded, 'Wow! I have never seen one before.'"

What accent?

Marcy Stelly Ortego, of Lebeau, says, "Having been gone for 40 years, I can appreciate moving back to Cajun country and hearing Cajun accents all over again.

"Listening to people talking to each other, I hear 'over dere,' 'It's like dis and like dat,' 'the uder day,' 'sha' (cher), 'It tundered real bad the uder day,' 'She didn't ax if she could go,' etc.

"The saying that took the cake happened at the Stage store in Opelousas.

"I was shopping and needed some help. I spotted a sales lady and asked, 'Can you tell me where the men's polo shirts are?'

"She pointed to the other side of the store and said, 'Just pass along the wall over dere and you and you should find dem.'

"I would love to see the reaction of someone who didn't understand real Cajun language!"

Little Miss Honesty

Lyn Doucet, of Maurice, says, "My friend's very blonde and precious 5-year-old granddaughter went to theater camp.

"The theme for the children was the 'Peanuts' cartoon.

"On the day of the performance, the mic was passed around as each costumed child carefully recited a paragraph about Charles Schultz.

"When the mic reached little granddaughter, she very carefully approached it and announced, 'I do not know my lines.' Then with a smile she stepped back into place.

"Gotta love a kid who tells the truth."

Angel sighting

Lynn Oliver thanks "some angels" she met at Tiger Stadium. 

She explains: "My husband was going to take my 3-year-old grandson Thomas to his first LSU game, and Thomas was excited that he was going to see the band and maybe catch a glimpse of Mike the Tiger.

"My daughter and I were going to drop them off as close as we could get to the stadium. However, things were not going as planned. By the time we got to the campus, Thomas and his 2-year-old baby brother John were both overtired, overwhelmed and crying hysterically!

"Just as we were trying to calm them down, an angel appeared and asked us if we wanted a parking pass for Lot 310. We thanked her very much, and decided we could park and everyone could go see Mike the Tiger.

"My husband and Thomas had us pick them up because it was too hot in the stadium. With the blessing of the parking pass, we were able to get very close to the stadium to fetch them."

Special People Dept.

  • Estelle Smiley, of Pride, celebrates her 94th birthday on Monday, Oct. 23 
  • Jewell Barker, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrated her 93rd birthday on Sunday with her youngest son. She celebrates her 93rd birthday Monday with her oldest son. (Not that the sons don’t get along — it’s just that she changed her birthday a few years ago when a birth certificate surfaced, giving her an opportunity to celebrate twice.)

Life imitates art

Sue Conran says she has "fond and funny memories" of Ray Stevens' "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" song, mentioned in the column by her friend Mike Lukacin and others.

The song, about a squirrel who invades a church service, reminds Sue of a real-live event:

"We were at Saturday Mass shortly after Christmas, and the altar was still decorated with trees and poinsettias.

"When the young priest began to welcome us, a squirrel raced across the altar in front of him and climbed into one of the trees.

"He made a comment and we all had a good laugh. The first line of that song ran continuously in my head, making it difficult to pay attention.

"Had to ask for forgiveness big time."

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